How to use Facebook Messenger and bots to capture and qualify leads

How to use Facebook Messenger and bots to capture and qualify leads
How to use Facebook Messenger and bots to capture and qualify leads

As business owners, we are always looking for all possible ways and tools to be able to boost our business. The Facebook Bot is just one of them.

What is a Facebook Bot?

A Facebook bot is a program or robot that allows you to send messages and also responds to users automatically. To configure a bot you need a Facebook page. “The main objective of the bots is to save you time”

What can a Facebook bot do?

Its basic functionality allows you to give a welcome greeting to the users who write to you for the first time, in addition to configuring automatic responses according to keywords and also to schedule publications among many others.

Why do I need Facebook bots?

Reaching our audience every day is more and more difficult. People almost do not open our emails, there are so many emails that they receive, that ours goes unnoticed, but the bots for marketing on social media solves this problem because our messages are never lost in the tray and always arrive in this case destiny to the user.

The most common use for this class of tools is customer service. It is not something that has been implemented recently since several brands and companies already used bots for a few years to offer automatic responses to users. This did not always bring the best results, but, with the support of new technologies, it has evolved to improve its performance and provide a more personalized service.

On the other hand, Facebook Messenger has opened the door for this type of applications to get more interesting use. Mark Zuckerberg announced that his instant messaging platform will use chatbots, so that different companies include it within their digital strategies and can interact more immediately with their customers. As happened with the Microsoft IA, they will learn from all the feedback they receive, which will allow them to improve their service constantly.

It is precisely the knowledge they can obtain about their consumers that makes this resource so valuable. A community manager, for example, could hardly memorize the consumption habits of each user with whom they interact and then apply that knowledge in favor of their brand.

To start I want to contextualize the different terms that we are going to see, and the first is the so-called lead score, which is basically an automatic process that is based on a series of given rules, and that will be able to differentiate a user who can become a client, of a user that today will not be your client.

But before using this process we have to capture is the lead or contact of the potential client, and the bots in Messenger are a great tool for capturing leads and communicating with subscribers. What happens is that if you do not categorize all this volume of contacts, in the end you are treating all users in the same way, when it should not be like that. And this is where the lead score process comes in, where we will assign numerical values to each action that the user makes within Facebook Messenger to decide if that lead is cold, that is, it is not a possible client, if it is hot, that is, it can be Be a possible client

To make it simple you can divide the states of users into four phases: visitors, subscribers, leads and customers. When a user first enters into contact with you through Facebook Messenger, your lead score should be zero, but as you perform different actions you will earn points until you reach a certain score in which you should activate a specific process to He with a specific purpose.

Basically what will allow us to deliver the right message to the right person at the right time, allowing us to make marketing actions much more personalized and therefore more effective.

The first thing you should do is identify which behaviors of your users will be the ones that make the lead score grow, since this will vary depending on the type of business and your strategy. Some of the actions can be interact more or less times with Facebook Messenger, read a message, click on a button, download a document, visit your website, subscribe to your updates, complete a questionnaire, request a product test, sign up waiting list … In short, almost any action that you can think of that the user can do, and based on your criteria, you must numerically assess which actions have a higher or lower score. The normal thing is that with the time and based on the data, the reaction of the users and the results,

Now we are going to enter directly into the practical part, and for this you must first select a tool to create this bot. There are many tools, but I’m going to tell you the great tool that is


  • Used in a well thought way and with the correct strategy can be adjusted so that its operation looks very real
  • Many of the bots I mentioned offer analytics, statistics of audience behavior to know which hashtags and content they like the most and what time to post them
  • If you are not sure about investing in a Bot, you can take the free trial periods and establish which one suits you best, either because of the simplicity of its use or because of the functionalities that integrate
  • It may be a third way to grow your Instagram profile, different from buying followers or investing a lot of time in your account. With a Bot you can save time and effort
  • By correctly programming the Bot you choose, you can gain real followers
  • The bots have an increasingly natural behavior, which makes their use can be a safe and easy way to gain followers