How to Grow Your Food Blog Using Pinterest

How to Grow Your Food Blog Using Pinterest
How to Grow Your Food Blog Using Pinterest

Food is one of the primary niches of Pinterest and hence can be used as a platform to drive some traffic. You will find tons of DIY’s and amazing recipes here and can be a great source to attract more traction.

Here are a few surprising facts about growing on Pinterest:

  1. You can easily reach out to people as a pin can amplify 100 times more than your average post or tweet.
  2. A single pin can bring up to 3 page visits and 6 pageviews.
  3. Also, every pin can bring up to 79 cents, generating benefits to eCommerce sites.
  4. In comparison to Twitter and Facebook, the life of a pin lasts for one week, which is great!

In addition, if you have devised a good market strategy, Pinterest can turn out to be a great platform for your blog to grow.

It’s no denying that we all want more visitors. Here are a few tactics to enhance your marketing strategy for Pinterest which will help you get more visitors. 

#1. Choose the right Pinterest Search Engine Optimization.  

Like other search engines, every keyword on Pinterest can make a huge impact in driving more traction. 

To rank higher with keywords, you’ve to be vigilant in keeping few points in mind:

  1. A profile or an account with a keyword
  2. Different pins with keyword
  3. A board that contains a keyword.

#2. Upgrade your Profile

Using your own name can sound great to you, but in order to rank higher, you have to include some optimum keywords in accordance with the niche that your profile talks about. 

Supposedly you are running a vegan food blog named F&Beans. An optimized or an upgraded profile would be like:

F&Beans | Simple Vegan Recipes


F&Beans |  Vegan Blog

Whatever keywords you’ll be targeting, make sure you’re to include them in your profile and board description.

#3. Design a high-quality Pinterest image

What gathers more people to Pinterest, are the captivating pins. The use of high-quality images will bring more engagement. 

Let’s dive into making a photo look pintastic!

a. Select a proper size

Since most of the users tend to operate the app on their mobile phones, hence, it’s quintessential to select an image with a great length. 

The perfect size of a pin has to be in a ratio of 2:3 or 4:5. The longer your pin will be, the more room it will cover on your feed, making it more captivating for the visitors. 

Images that are good at height are considered more favourable, as it becomes more convenient for the visitors to scroll. 

b. Choose a captivating image

You can easily engage the audiences on your feed, by selecting an amazing image. 

To break it down, we have researched and come up with certain astonishing facts about making a great pin on your blog. Here we go:

  1. Users enjoy more images without human faces as they find them more attractive and hence will receive 24% more repins. 
  2. Don’t forget to include the images with vibrant colours, as they seem colourful to the users, making your blog look more aesthetic.
  3. Try keeping your background minimalist including black and white colours. As, simple and contextual backgrounds add more effect to your overall image, helping you get more repins. 
  4. Sometimes, images with predominant colours work well too.
  5. High quality and designed pin graphics can do wonders to your blog, as it makes the blog look more professional, and hence always select the images with high resolution.
  6. Choose the images wisely as it will help you get higher clicks, which will make it hard to pass.

c. Add text to your image

If you want to bring more attention to your blog, start adding text to the images. It will help the pinner to know the description of your pin, at a glance. 

With the advancement of features, it has become easier to add text to the images, with the help of free image editing tools. 

You may use canvas as an image editing tool, as it makes it easier to add text. And still, if you’re not able to find any free image editing tool, you can go blindly with google fonts. It won’t disappoint you.

#4. Get more traffic with Social Snap Plugin

If you are familiar with WordPress, you’re likely to know about the plugins. 

Undoubtedly, plugins make blogging easier. By getting yourself acquainted with a few Pinterest features and Social Snap Plugin, you can reach out to more people which will help to increase the traffic on your blog. 

Social Snap is a great plugin as it will help you get traffic. But, if you are already running some other social plugins, then you have to deactivate the others.

To run social snap, you have to first download and install it, then head on to the Social sharing tab and then select managing network. Consider including a Pinterest button in your network list. Well, if you belong to the B2B niche, you have to include LinkedIn as well, besides Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. 

Try to rearrange the positioning by keeping the social share buttons at the bottom next to the floating bar, as it will help to promote social sharing without any intervention.

You can easily gain some traffic by activating the social snap feature from the social sharing tab. Whenever a visitor heads over to an image in your blog, a red save button will pop up which would direct him straight to Pinterest. 

Social snap comes with a free version as well but the paid version works miraculously. 

The Takeaway

Pinterest is the fastest growing platform and hence can be a great platform to devise your marketing skills and help your blog grow. 

If you’re a newbie, you can easily sign-up for a business account, come up with an attractive description and can start creating some sensational pins. 

These tips will help you get more clicks and repins, try giving it a shot!

Happy Pinteresting!

How will you start your food blog and which tips will you use to promote it on Pinterest? Tell us in the comments section below!

Author Bio: Shristi Patni 

Shristi Patni

Shristi is a content writer and owner of F and B Recipes. She enjoys creating a List of Citrus Fruits or a list of “Things That Make Happy”. Formerly the Chief Content Officer at Raletta, she is currently working on her second cookbook.