How does an Advertising Network Work?

How does an Advertising Network Work?
How does an Advertising Network Work?

An advertisement network or web-based organization is a company that establishes a connection between publishers and websites that wants to advertise. Ad network makes it easy to purchase digital ads. The main work of ad Networks is to match advertisers’ interests with publishers’ supplies.

Ad networks provide an effective way for media buyers to be able to match with multiple ad campaign sites. These campaigns include running ads or even sometimes the whole network. Dealing with ad networks, site-specific are not major important.

There are many different forms of online advertising space including blogs, emails, websites, and different media. Inside the organization, the advertiser can purchase a run of a network package and a run of a category package.


Based on working with advertisers and publishers online ad networks are divided into three categories

Vertical Organization 

They address publications. They are used by brand marketers and indorse top-notch traffic at market cost. They work similarly to Publisher representation firms by offering Run On-site and Run site-wide advertising.

Blind Network 

Blind Networks work on RON and Run-Of-Network to run their campaign, some offer a “site opt-out” strategy. These associates offer incredible pricing to arrange marketers as a trade of those sponsors providing up control over where their advancements will run. Focusing on innovation and enhancement they accomplish their low pricing by purchasing gigantic mass remainder portion.

Targeted Networks 

Sometimes called “next generation” or “2.0” ad networks. They target specific technologies for instance, Social and Contextual. To boost the stock they purchase they use client clickstream.

Working of Advertising Network 

Ad Network is an important tool for sponsors and publishers, the way it works changes from time to time by changes in technology, here is a model for Ad Network

To initiate, with accessible stock they total a large number of publishers.

Meanwhile, a mission is made with an ad network mission panel by the marketing specialist. Insights regarding the financial plan, target audience and more are being filled by the advertiser.

The introduction of ad network tags is done on websites by publishers.

When a match occurs between a marketing specialist’s campaign and distributor’s stock. The details are sent off to the distributor. By taking a cut of the advertisement income, the ad network acquires cash, or by prior selling the stock.

The promoter can follow and manage the performance of the advertisement organization’s mission board after the ad is live.

Types of Marketing Campaigns

It is important to decide, what type of mission you want to run. Before you go to the creative phase, you need to think and plan the type of marketing campaign you will use to appreciate your target audience. Following are the 14 types of marketing campaigns:

  • Brand awareness campaign
  • Rebranding campaign
  • Search engine marketing campaign
  • Social media marketing campaign
  • User-Generated Content (UGC) marketing campaign
  • Email marketing campaign
  • Public relations campaign
  • Product launch campaign
  • Referral marketing campaign
  • SEO Campaign
  • Partner marketing campaign
  • Conversational marketing campaign
  • Influencer marketing campaign
  • Video marketing campaign

Brand awareness campaign

Letting people know about what your company is and what you do is the only main motive of a Brand awareness campaign. If any individual communicates with your campaign, they should get to know more than just your image and logo and be introduced to what your company does, manner of speaking, quality, and the services you provide.

Rebranding campaign

The best company always figures out how to change their items and stay relevant. That’s what rebranding campaigns do, to prelaunch cherished products and introduce new game plans to your customers.

Search engine marketing campaign 

When customers use search engines, you can target them with SEM. It works, when someone tries searching for something according to what they have searched, we can target them with paid advertisement. It is an incredible method to drive likely clients to your website.

Social media marketing campaign

Social media advertising efforts are all over the place. This type of campaign can help you build brand mindfulness, retarget visitors, or even push clients to complete an unrestricted cart trade.

User-Generated Content (UGC) marketing campaign

UGC marketing campaign, the audience share your content. Using this type of promoting effort can help the campaign’s reliability as it’s being a significant source-the genuine client.

Email marketing campaign 

This type of campaign is the most widely used campaign. Sending off an email permits your association the valuable chance to talk with them 1-on-1 in their inbox and urge them to examine your latest thing.

Public relations campaign

The main motive of public relations campaign is, your message will be gotten by a big crowd who will share that with more people. By this, you will be able to get the eyes of the media.

Product launch campaign

Doing a product launch campaign will help in focusing and targeting the right crowd and adequate buzz around your proposal to create excitement in the audience.

Referral marketing campaign

In a Referral marketing campaign, one gets compensated by prescribing a product to their loved one. People prefer trying or using the products, which are referred by their friends and family. Because the level of trust is high on them rather than the company. This campaign has a solid history.

SEO Campaign 

Search engine optimization campaigns help with driving regular traffic to locales using search intent, keywords, and content.

You need to streamline a little great to get your content to rank on a search engine. Many factors affect how high your content and site rank is.

Partner marketing campaign 

Partner marketing campaigns are where two different companies can get benefits by advertising together as a pair by targeting the same target audience for their products.

Conversational marketing campaign

The conversational marketing campaign is an opportunity to communicate with your audience better. With this, you can engage your audience with a more customized approach.

Influencer marketing campaign

In an Influencer marketing campaign, social media influencers or blog writers recommend your product to people. This campaign is very much like a referral marketing campaign, but it works a bit differently. Friends and family are not involved to refer it to someone but social media influencers try to introduce your product to their followers, this way you can reach out to a lot of people at once.

Video marketing campaign

Video Marketing campaign is very much effective comparing others, as a huge number of people watch videos of their interests on YouTube. People watch videos for different reasons it can be informational, entertainment, etc. Video marketing is effective in a manner that people don’t have to read lots of information but can watch and listen to it.


Ad Network is a very vast field that allows you to advertise and reach out to your target market in the best possible way. We have discussed Ad networks and types of marketing campaigns with which you can look and evaluate the kind of campaign you can use to market your product.