How do you find the right influencers for your business?

Identifying the right partners for your influencer marketing on Instagram can sometimes prove to be a real challenge; that’s why it is necessary to define clear objectives for your campaign. For example, if your goal is to generate a lot of engagement, it may make more sense to collaborate with micro-influencers with small audiences with high engagement rates. On the other hand, if you are looking to develop brand awareness, metrics like the reach of influencers will be more useful and more important.

  1. A) Observe the average engagement rate

When an influencer has a more engagement ratio that means their followers are liking his content and taking action. It is for this reason that many companies and agencies use the engagement rate to determine the ideal influencer.

Typically, you will want to see a minimum engagement rate of between 2% and 3%. To easily calculate this, I invite you to read my article on the subject: How to calculate the engagement rate on Instagram?

  1. B) Check the quality of followers

It would be best if you collaborated with influencers who have communities that correspond to your core target. However, it often happens that “influencers” resort to practices like buying real Instagram followers, and that is why it is important to know that influencer marketing has a good outcome than these alternatives. There are many services that provide this follower service. Some of the Instagram followers’ service providers are etc. You can even choose any other as there are many others available online.

  1. C) Analyze the content posted

In the same way that you seek to authenticate the quality of followers, you will have to analyze the content strategy of the influencer on his different social networks.

Indeed, if you observe that the “influence” is only effective on Instagram and not on Facebook, Youtube, or Pinterest, there is a risk of being tricked.

  1. D) Learn about the financial requirements

For many influencers with a community size of a few thousand followers, offering one of your products/services is sometimes enough for them to agree to talk about your brand.

However, for the most influential, it will be necessary to go “at the checkout” to see your brand growth and it will, therefore, be key for you to know the amount to be spent to know to what extent you will integrate.

How to comply with the law during a sponsored publication?

It has evolved over the past few years, in order to impose a form of transparency in the communication of influencers paid by brands, intended for their audiences.

It is now compulsory to mention in the caption of the publication terms, clearly mentioning that the content is posted on the initiative of a paid collaboration with keywords such as:

  • #ad
  • #advertising
  • #promo
  • # sponsored
  • #collab

How to measure the impact of an influence campaign on Instagram?

It is not surprising that one of the most important issues for companies starting to collaborate with influencers is how they will measure the return on investment of the actions taken.

It needs to have, upstream, defined precise objectives and metrics.

You could measure the success of an influencer campaign by the engagement rate of the sponsored publication that was funded by you. You should also provide some good promo codes to the influencer for promoting your business and getting some sales.

Here are the most common performance metrics when talking about influencer marketing:

  • Engagement rate: likes, comments, private shares, etc.
  • brand sentiment: how people talk about your products & services
  • website traffic: potential customers visiting your site
  • sales: conversions and income generated