Fixing content marketing strategy

Fixing content marketing strategy
Fixing content marketing strategy. Photo: Pixabay


Since the emergence of digitalization, brands are focused in writing engaging contents and blogs for a website in order to address the attention of customers. Unlike traditional periods, the role of content marketing is embedded in the brand management strategy at a noticeable degree. However, the content marketing strategy is highly sophisticated in nature. It requires brands to make timely modifications and address audiences with utmost precision. Today, the content marketing comprises of innumerable gaps and brands usually pay experts to write contents or order pre written essays. In this paper, the readers would identify four essential facets that are necessarily required for being fixed in order to deploy an effective content marketing strategy with a competency of reaching audience with efficacy. It’s hard to do as we have a lot of content in internet if you are can’t provide a good quality content or you should improve your writing skills. It is deduced that the content marketing strategy is a modern era approach for promoting a brand among relevant audiences.


Fix Your Topic

The primary challenge in the content marketing is devising an appropriate topic that connects with the customers or audiences worldwide. According to Baer (2017), content marketing holds competition against each factor in a holistic manner. Unlike traditional marketing approaches, content marketing is not limited to competitors. In this regards, brands are recommended for creating a topic that fits best the interests of audiences holistically. Rather proposing a general topic, brands should select a subject, which is a frequent asked question (FAQs) for the customers.

A topic that aligns with FAQs would create a foundation or funnel for brands to discuss subjects with agility. Such topics would comprise of information having majority concerns among the audiences, resulting in utmost persuasion and engagement towards the content. Hence, it is important to address the basic gap in content marketing by proposing a topic, which possesses maximum utility for the audiences or customers once encountered on digital platforms.

Fix Your Amplification

Today, the content marketing is not limited to the concerns such as “What” and “Who”. Instead, the contents posted by brands at regular intervals are focusing towards a question, “How are they going to know this exists?” (Baer, 2017) This approach is addressed as the augmentation of content marketing amplification by brands significantly. A successful content marketing campaign is measured by the degree of engagement and frequency of sharing performed by the audiences once encountered the topic.

Hence, brands must initiate the amplification from employees, followed by existing customers, current prospects and new prospects in the market. The readers or audiences would find the information valuable and sense of sharing among the social circle for maintaining the momentum of content marketing influences. Amplification is a corresponding activity for brands once a topic of value is devised. It ensures that readers are engaged in spreading the word among segments that are untapped by brands.

Fix Your Format

In content marketing, format refers to the adaptation of a platform that holds competency in reaching maximum audience. Baer (2017) argued that the digital interface is encouraging audiences to make prompt switches based on the convenience received after usage. In this context, brands should adopt an agile approach while selecting the platform. Instead of keeping platforms limited to reading and listening, the contents should appear digitally interactive for the audiences. This requires brands using multimedia including videos and pictures for offering attraction to the audiences. However, brands must hire experts for creating such website contents necessarily for maintaining precision and engagement among the audience base massively. Nonetheless, the selection of a suitable format is a critical activity for brands that aim conducting a content marketing campaign to accomplish a sustainable success. Format should offer relevance to the current and potential customer bases since a longitudinal engagement is the prime objective for each content.

Fix Your Creators

Finding the best people is important for creating a best product for the customers. Content marketing campaign is a diversified and holistic tool, comprising of inevitable complexities for traditional brand managers. It requires experts or professionals for creating a content, which generates utmost value for the audiences and inject interactive experience for sustaining degree of engagement simultaneously. Hence, brands require a proactive consideration towards content creators significantly. The creators would hold accountability towards topic development, amplification of contents, and selection of a suitable format, offering collective agility to the audiences. Precisely, the role of a creator is to gather the three of four identified gaps in the content marketing and inject synergic value for the customers, which generates a sustainable engagement as an outcome. However, brands should communicate the core objectives and success targets to the creators in a transparent manner for ensuring comprehensive exchange throughout the strategic process of customer engagement.


The overall discussion affirms that the content marketing strategy is a modern era approach for promoting a brand among relevant audiences. Brands require a strategic consideration followed by precise allocation of resources while pursuing content marketing approach for capitalizing customers from a certain segment. The discussion further indicated that topic devising is a primary gap in the majority contents since customers connect with FAQs more promptly rather generalized subjects. Furthermore, the amplification of contents with agile adaptability of format is equally important to add further value for the audiences. However, the entire process requires industry experts or professionals since traditional brand managers are incompetent in competing with content marketing practices in a holistic manner. With the emerging market segments and inclining competition, the role of content marketing is becoming critical for brands while engaging customers for a longitudinal span noticeably.