Business growth: scaling up without losing out

Business growth: scaling up without losing out
Business growth: scaling up without losing out

Businesses are facing on-going challenges as they struggle to keep up with an ever-changing business climate in a world where online marketing has now been firmly established as a norm. 

The need for businesses to come up with digital campaigns that will stand out in the crowded online space and increase their bottom-line has resulted in a growing demand for the services of digital marketing agencies.

For hoola, as an agency, this demand has accelerated business growth and the need to scale upward. While this offers many new and exciting opportunities, it comes with its own unique challenges. Successfully scaling a business is no easy feat, but by taking the right precautions, planning ahead and remaining agile – it is possible.

Scaling up without losing out.

There are a number of strategies and processes available to help businesses scale in a sustainable way – here are just a few that have proven helpful in our own journey:

  • Optimising workflow and processes:

Scaling any business is hard work, and the structures, processes and ways of working that got you to this point may not necessarily work as you grow. Evaluating your current workflow processes and identifying potential bottlenecks is key to future-proofing your operations during periods of growth. 

This is where your staff can provide some valuable insights – ask individual employees about where they think work processes could be streamlined and improved. 

  • Build your brand:

It’s important to ‘stay on top’ of your brand, especially if you’re going to attract both new business and employees. 

Update your website and social media pages with your most successful projects / work / campaigns etc. with recent clients. Your brand needs to be present for prospective clients and candidates to find you.

  • Work and company culture:

The COVID-19 pandemic and recently (for South Africans) loadshedding, have further driven a shift towards remote work as a requirement and, in many cases, the ‘new normal’.

Managing a remote team is essentially built on trust; the trust that your employees will be productive on their own. 

Creating and maintaining a culture of communication is crucial – remote work (like any work) is all about communicating effectively.

  • Know when to say ‘No’:

It’s tempting to say ‘yes’ to every client request (especially in a challenging economic climate), but this might negatively impact your scaling as a whole.

Focus on services and areas where you know that you can deliver, instead of taking on every project ‘just because’. Play to your strengths, know your limits and stay humble – there’s no point in biting off more than you can chew. 

  • Building and improving client relationships:

It’s a simple fact – a business would be nothing without its client base; so treat your clients as the important stakeholders that they are and focus on building and improving on your relationship with them. Their success is your success. 

Your clients can become a big part of your company’s growth and may even lead to them providing referrals and opening the door to new clients in future.

The ball is in your court.

Scaling a business without dropping the ball is no easy feat, but it’s not impossible. Adapting to changes as they come will help you create the path to grow your business sustainably – that’s how we’ve been able to continue delivering remarkable impact at scale! 

If you’d like to discuss how effective digital marketing can help you to scale your business, speak to us.   

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