7 Ways to Create Better Instagram Engagement for Businesses

Till Feb, Instagram reached around 1 Billion active users each month (1 billion million out of them are active users on a daily basis) – this is a huge customer potential! For small businesses, Instagram is one of the vital tools, as 75% of users take action if posts inspire them while 70% of users follow one business at least on one app.
But, this isn’t enough for just being on Instagram. You are required to make exciting and unique content which generates engagement in the form of shares, followers, comments and likes. If you feel some lackness on your page regarding engagement, the following are seven methods to improve it.

1. Try good hashtags

One of the highly significant aspects of Instagram is hashtags – they provide you with a way of finding potential customers that don’t follow you. Researches have shown that the posts which contain hashtags noticed an average increase in engagement by 13%. By using right hashtags, your reach can get expanded and you can find out relevant conversations within your field. In such conversations, it is possible to see the requirements of your customer base.

If you didn’t try right hashtags yet, you must create unique hashtags for cross-promoting your business and then include them within your profile bios. As you add the hashtags in the posts, always branded hashtags, but try to be innovative for other hashtags that you use. Look for trendy hashtags for the posts by using a different tool and then experiment them. For instance, if you have a bakery, “#baking” can take you very far.

2. Make your content interesting

Get the content for posting which is unique and of high quality. It must inspire other users for taking action, whether it is through visiting website for making a pay for Instagram followers cheap or via engagement. For instance, if you have a tea shop, never only post pictures of a simple cup of tea. Mention a story along with your product. If you have any doubts about the kind of content which people want to see, look out larger brands or competitor’s profiles in your field for seeing what content gets a higher engagement.

3. Feature other people.
Highlighting your customers, your followers and even your non-followers can raise your engagement rate. As you tag any of them in captions or posts, they will receive notifications and will visit your page. They will pay you gratitude that you did like their content and shared it and will comments or like on your posts as well, which their followers are going to see (and this in return, will lead to high reach for you). Also, you can do this if you manage a giveaway or contest and ask for comments. The contest can be a simple but an entertaining thing which asks followers for coming up with the funniest caption for winning a reward.

4: Make use of Instagram Stories to guide the buyer’s journey

One of the best secrets of the meteoric rise of social media is Instagram stories. Over 400 million people watch these stories daily.

By the name, it is clear that Instagram stories are meant to tell your story. Only because the format of video is short, doesn’t show that you can never create the narrative. Do you remember vine? A short-form network of social media is gone long ago, but it showed the way of telling epic stories in only 6 seconds.

5: Make every opportunity work for you

The biggest challenge on Instagram is to take care of scarcity of the live links. Not like other networks, you can never share the clickable links like Smmpoint, but only in Instagram bio or through particular tools. It helps in keeping platform spam free. In fact, this is one of the biggest reasons that people enjoy this platform a lot.
Thus, make a good impression and the trick is: work with limitations of Instagram, not against them.

6. Sponsoring posts

If organic ways of engagement don’t work well for you or faster as you expect, you can go for paid advertisements on Instagram . The ads will get shown to the users who take an interest in the small businesses but don’t follow you. You can do promotions of your posts using the app or via ads. Ads will exhibit that how they can affect your business or your page directly, which gives it a benefit over the organic ways.

7: Make most out of Shoppable Tags

The shoppable tags can be the highly direct sort of the link marketing on Instagram. People respond well towards the value-adding links and rich content, however, sometimes you only want to make simple CTAs and sales. Tags are what differentiate Instagram and Snapchat. You can’t monetize on Snapchat yet, but Instagram provides you this opportunity.