5 Tips for Optimizing Mobile Marketing

5 Tips for Optimizing Mobile Marketing
5 Tips for Optimizing Mobile Marketing

An indisputable source of traffic for e-commerce sites, e-mail, as Loci Peron, SEMEA & Benelux customer success director at Validity explains, is developing mobile marketing thanks to several factors such as optimization, aesthetics, or even the identification of targets.

With 57% of e-mails consulted on mobile app development company in France according to the MMA (Mobile Marketing Association), adapting their e-mailing campaigns to this medium is a real challenge for brands. Today, email is one of the main sources of traffic for e-commerce sites, particularly made essential by its ROI. In order to stand out from the competition and optimize performance, here are five concrete avenues to use for your mobile campaigns.

1) Identify the recipient’s uses

First and foremost, an effective mobile strategy must take into account a certain number of technical and contextual parameters. The better you know your target and its constraints, the more likely you are to provide it with relevant content at the right time. It is therefore essential to try to identify the operating system used (iOS, Android, etc.), the privileged reading platform (webmail or application, Gmail or Outlook, etc.), the opening environment of the message (in-store, at home, near a point of sale, etc.) or the best time to receive the email.

2) Be at the forefront of innovation

Mobile offers the possibility of easily integrating different elements such as video or QR codes into e-mails, often used to dematerialize sales receipts, coupons or cards. Loyalty. In this context, the future elimination of

receipts of less than € 30 initiated by the anti-waste law of February 10, 2020 must be seen as an opportunity to rethink and exploit these innovations.

3) Facilitate the identification of the sender
The restricted display when reading e-mails on mobile associated with the risks of phishing (impersonation of a brand) requires a simple and fast identification of the senders. We must therefore ensure to offer an explicit “friendly from” and an e-mail address that does not raise any doubts. BIMI technology also makes it possible to display an advertiser’s logo directly in a Yahoo inbox and soon in Gmail, thus making it easier to identify the sender by the recipient.

4) Optimize the loading time of the e-mail
The visual aspect is essential but it is still recommended to use light HD images in order not to slow down the loading time of the content of the e – mail. -mail. Anticipating external constraints such as network coverage or the environment in which the recipient is viewing it and taking them into account is also essential to ensure minimum loading time (optimal = weight of less than 100KB), even in the least favorable circumstances.

5) Look after the display
Advertisers should ensure that the display works regardless of the type of smartphone, operating system, or messaging used. It is, therefore, necessary to ensure that displays of animated gifs, relatively long emails (with a lot of scrolls), and subject lines with emoji are tested in several environments (webmail, apps, email software) and on several supports (tablets, mobiles …) including with the dark mode of the iPhone. In order to improve readability and customer engagement, integrating carousels, burger menus and interactive forms within the email are good alternatives.

To achieve maximum conversion rates, brands need to reduce steps in the customer journey and enable one-click purchase access. For this, optimizing reading e-mails on mobile is essential. It is also essential to know your audience, your consumption habits and also the terminal used to consult the messages in order to adapt your strategy accordingly. Email remains a real generator of value and

its constant evolution requires a solid strategy in order to be able to exploit its full potential.