4 ways to earn money on Instagram


Unlike some other social media networks, Instagram is a disruptive ecommerce force. Intended for photo sharing first, Instagram now has over one billion users and is a great business platform that anyone can use.

You may be thinking to yourself: can I make money on Instagram? How do I do it? How does selling on Instagram differ from other types of e-commerce business?

In this article, I’ll be discussing ways through which you can earn money from Instagram in 2019.

  1. Become an affiliate marketer

Once you get a sizable following then affiliate marketing can be a good revenue stream for you. Essentially, it involves partnering with a brand to generate awareness & sales in exchange for a commission.

This is usually done via unique promo code or trackable URL that the influencer adds to their posts. You’ll earn a commission, anywhere from 5% to 15%, for the number of people who use your link to make a purchase.

You can focus on only one product at a time, considering Instagram doesn’t allow you to add links outside your bio. This is why incorporating promo codes in your posts is a better option.

  1. Publish sponsored posts for brands

With 94% of marketers finding it effective, influencer marketing is one of the most popular strategies brands rely on. Whether you’re a micro- or macro-influencer, if you’re an expert in your niche, you will be successful.

Brands are always looking to partner with Instagrammers (of any size) to deliver their targeted messages to prospective consumers. Sponsored posts can the take the form of a product review, a simple brand mention or even a testimonial.

Most sponsored post deals like these are negotiable and can range from a complete campaign to a single post. One thing that you should remember when setting your rate is that you’re not just offering your content to brands but you’re also giving them access to your followers and usage rights too.

  1. Launch your e-commerce store.

Instagram is a great platform for you if you’re a product creator as it provides you with a large market.

By selling your own products, you don’t need to worry about integrating brand messages into your Instagram posts. The only brand you need to worry about is your own. In your bio you can incorporate a link to your Shopify or e-commerce landing page. Better yet, utilize the Shop Now advertising button for your business.

You could use print-on-demand services to print and ship merchandise like coffee mugs, T-shirts, and wall art. Health and fashion businesses are particularly famous for using Instagram as a marketing platform for their e-commerce stores.

  1. Become a storytelling consultant

A picture and sometimes a video in this case is worth a thousand words. You can monetize this talent of yours if you’re particularly good at using them to tell a story. Leverage your knack for storytelling to help brands write compelling narratives for themselves.

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