4 Features to Develop Online Video Editing Mobile Apps

With the emergence of social platforms, videos have become the greatest weapon for digital marketers to attract their target audience. Pictures may express a story of a thousand words, but videos create an even greater impact.

From picture editing apps like Canva to online video editors, there are plenty of options for users to create their art pieces. The rising popularity of editing apps serves as an example of how online users respond to creative change.

Additionally, the apps also act as a game-changer for the website and application development industry. According to a report in Globe News Wire, the video editing software market will expand at a rate of 2.6%, reaching a net worth of $932.7 Million by 2025.

With smartphones playing an integral part in our lives, and the increasing value of video content for digital marketing, the video editing genre of mobile apps is a valuable investment. Its popularity and worth have fueled its spread across continents, including North America, Europe, Middle East, Asia Pacific, and Africa.

The convenience of mobile apps is another reason that makes online video editors so popular among the millennial crowd. With video editing apps in our smartphones, everyone can create and edit videos as they like from anywhere in the world.

That said, the video editing market is fiercely competitive. There are a variety of types of video editing apps in App Stores, so it’s a challenge to create an app that will surpass the competition. However, a one-stop solution for all photo and video editing requirements of all users, then the blog is for you. Here are some characteristics that are a must in an online video editing mobile app:

Features of a Video Editing App

There isn’t a limit to how many attributes you can add in your video editing app. The best approach to app development and deciding the features is to start small. Create an app with minimal essential characteristics of a video editing app, test your users’ reaction, then add more features over time.

Starting with an MVP will help you save time and money, validate your idea, and bring a substantial group of users to attract investors. So, after analyzing the abundant video editing apps in app stores, here are some functions you must include your app. Design your MVP with these four primary features, gain downloads, and build your ROI.

Library of Templates

Templates act as an inspiration for users. While they can create new ideas from scratch, templates provide a base to flex their creativity. Plus, they help when you need an instant fix to your video editing needs. So, when developing a video editing app, integrate a library of video templates.

Here are two significant reasons to offer templates in your editing app:

  • Whether your target audience includes businesses or average folk, your primary users are non-designers who want to uplift their photos for social media or other purposes instantly. A built-in library of templates offers them numerous options to edit their media content and present it as they like. They can be creative without being an Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator expert.
  • Secondly, a template library includes other options like videos for intros and credits, filters, 3D & 4D effects, texts, music, sound effects, and more. Providing your users with these features will give your app a chance to survive the fiercely competitive market. It will boost engagement on your platform and increase downloads.

So, if you want your app to stand out in an immensely crowded market of video editing apps, integrate a template library, stock full of video templates, music, and audio.

User-Friendly Animation Tools

With the entertainment industry showcasing creative innovation in their methods, it is only right that you allow your users to be equally as artistic.

Drawing and animation are not limited to the experts of the industry with the advent of editing apps. Now, anyone with a little creative spirit can express their love for 2D, 3D, and 4D. So, for your video editing app, user-friendly animation tools are a must-have feature.

Additionally, the animation element is increasingly becoming an integral part of video marketing. It will not only bring engagement on your platform but also inform users of the best ways to use animated characters in their videos and give them a unique flair.

There are tons of animator apps in the mobile app market, but almost none of them support a video making feature. So, if you were to merge an animation creator with a video editor, you would carve a new path for the video editing software industry and give yourself a significant competitive boost.

Allow Customization

Any editing app must have a customization feature for users to edit and personalize their media content. Since the target market does not include professional designers, easy-to-use customization tools will help them be creative without Photoshop or Illustrator expertise.

Personalization video tools will allow your users to explore and expand their creative skills. They will have an array of options to experiment with and a choice between automatic customization or manual. Users will be able to edit their videos and photos, create their content, add colors, font, animated characters, and more.

So, when you develop an online video editing app, be sure to integrate customization tools for your users. It will bring in engagement and boost your ROI.

Social Media Integration

With the increased use of social media by the millennial population, social media integration is an invaluable option to include in your video editing app.

Your users would want to share their creations with the world, and having to switch apps every time is a hassle. So, why not give them a choice to publish their work directly through the editing app.

Feature an in-built gallery in your video editing app where all content is stored automatically. Provide a sharing option to post on major social platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter. Alternatively, you can allow your users to import their media from their social accounts to your video editing app.

Develop Your Online Video Editing App

In a nutshell, video editing apps should offer easy-to-use features that make photo and video editing a breeze for non-designers. They should include multiple options for animations, filters, and other effects so that users can be as imaginative as possible with their content.

I hope the blog helps in understanding key features to develop an online video editing mobile app. Keeping in mind, your business requirements, development timeline, budget, and your audience, hire a development company, and design your video editing app!

Author Bio

Tabish Khalid is a Senior Digital Marketing Executive for Applify Labs, a web and mobile app development company headquartered in West Palm Beach, Florida. He enjoys years-long expertise in digital marketing, social media management, search engine optimization, and more. He loves writing about technologies.