10 Tips to make your writing Standout amongst content marketers


Content Marketing

In this era of technology content marketing has become so monstrous that is has turned out into a big industry. When good and engaging content is marketed online for any business it can eventually attract new leads as well as sales in the future. Content marketing focuses on creating and distributing relevant and important content for attracting an audience, building a strong and long term relationship and finally making them your loyal customers.

Creating content, which you blindly hope, meets the needs and interest of your audience will not help your business to grow. You have to do focused research on their actual interest and needs—otherwise, at a certain point you will realize that you wasted your time and resources on an unengaged audience.


Content marketing is the effective use of content that informs, educate, entertains, and inspires customers to discover you, trust you and buy from you. – Jeff Bullas

In the business world, content marketing is now one of the hottest topics today. The content marketing concept is not new but the evolution of media and technology, especially the internet has accelerated content’s relevance and importance.

According to a study by Curata

A colossal 75% of marketers are increasing their content investment in the coming year.

While it may look like brands are going out of their way to make exceptional content, the actual reality is quite different from how it first appears, as only a small percentage have a strategy that stand out.

English is considered as the second or the third language spoken by most of the people and is an international language used worldwide. However, if you want better, more precise results, it is optimal to focus on the local market language. People are more likely to prefer conducting searches in their native language if possible. Try to build a multilingual content marketing team to handle operations; in actuality, it doesn’t cost a huge amount of money to assemble, but will surely require some polished thoughts and expert planning.

Building a multi-language #contentmarketing team requires planning, not a huge budget – @Stevenvvessum

Tips to Make Standout Content Marketing

Here are some of tips for writing from popular service for paying someone to write a paper that can lead your content stand tall amongst content marketers:

  1. Define the Brand

We cannot deny the fact that there are plenty of businesses working on the same goals as you right now. The challenge is how to make your brand superior to others. You should focus on displaying your level of expertise and the reason why your brand is better than its competitors.

To build the image of your brand in the eyes of the audience, you should have a strong idea of how exactly your brand will be presented. There should be a vibrant and vigorous story of your brand, which can braid the content and message the responses around.


  1. Choose the Right Platform

It is very important to position your message in front of receptive eyes. In other words, it’s about choosing the right channel at the right time. Nowadays there are numerous channels for presenting your content—blogging websites to social media platform plays a massive role. Each experiences their own incredible number of visitors.

If you want your content to reach its full potential, then you must target an optimal outlet for your content according to the preferences of the audience. Evaluate your competitors when they are engaged in publishing their content. Competitive analysis is always valuable for your brand. You can assess your competitors’ content and what kind of response they receive from the audience, as well as what strategies they use to engage their audience. Keep an eye on every move they make. Use social media tools to assist you in this monitoring process. Use those strategies and insights to improve your style and approach.

  1. Introduction before selling

Don’t rush through your pitch; better to give a pleasant start. Introduce your product, starting by educating people about it instead of selling it directly. Once you have succeeded in doing this, you audience will trust you and feel comfortable buying your product or services.

Luckily, creating educational or introductive content is much easier now than in past decades. It can be expensive when compared to simple content strategies of past eras, but this onetime expense is highly beneficial for the business.

  1. Voice of the Brand

A unique brand voice is a kind of ability to separate your brand from the rest of the bucket in the well. Therefore, your brand heavily depends on cultivating that unique voice which should leave an audio impact on listeners.

  1. Social Listening

Today’s customers need innovation frequently, and content creation that engages the audience personally. Try to get them involved individually, leaving a long-term impact. Brands nowadays interact with their targeted audience in real time; grabbing their attention has never been easier, thanks to the power of social media which acts as a bridge of communication between the brand and the audience.

Prompting discussions, suggestions and personalized responses is a phenomenal way to help gain attention and make an impact on the minds of audience members, letting them feel that their opinion really means something and whatever they say or do matters to the brand.

  1. Content Marketers Team

Working with freelancers or hiring contractors remotely is a better option when you don’t have a sufficient budget to hire full-time staff. It is a cost-effective operation that provides you with a pool of talented people to choose from. Initially starting from the base language and boosting the scale for other languages in demand.

  1. Search for Qualified Personnel

Freelancing websites like Upwork, Freelancer and Fiverr, etc. provide you a platform to search for qualified yet affordable individuals to hire. You have to pay them for their work on contractual basis. Many of them will work tirelessly to fit perfectly your desired parameter. Freelancing websites like Upwork help you in your quest to find such individuals and helps you as a middle party in holding contracts which keep payments in escrow.

  1. Training the team

This is the most crucial part, as the team which is working for you should have a strong understanding about what you want from them, from the business and from the audience. Individual and group training both are equally important, depending on the needs of the particular situation. It is often quite easy to train new people. It may add an expense to your budget, but will surely give you and your business a worthy outcome.

  1. Localizing the content

The pattern of article writing and the content in it depends on the market, whether it has to be written in a formal or informal way. While localizing the content, it provides a better understanding of certain words and terminologies.

Some of the pinpoint statements look better and attract a wider audience when presented in the local language or local format. Your audience is more deeply drawn in, at the same time increasing the number of people grabbed by those words.

  1. Customer profile

Buyer persona or a customer profile helps in making a fictional representation for the customers. A well-constructed and well-maintained buyer persona will help a bit in every aspect. Until you have a good understanding of the ideal customer, content marketing is likely to be ineffectual.

To create a profile you need to adhere to the following process:

  • Customize a template that best describes your business and industry
  • Research your audience for filling that template
  • Use social media, surveys and search engines
  • Try to make it simple yet impressive for the targeted audience.
  • Use that template to provide information about your content marketing activity

When your audience is in different geographic areas, it is better to build multi-language content to maximize your outcome, and for that purpose you have to create a budget which is worthy of that result. It is one of the tricks of the trade to make the process smooth and well defined. It is better to hire freelancers for such a purpose as it does not require year-round work. The requirement for a multi-language platform depends on the quantity of content delivered by the brand.

Imagine yourself in the audience’s shoes, and consider all the possible questions they might have bluntly. Prepare answers to hypothetical questions before presenting your pitch to the audience. Use the Five W strategy: “Who,” “What,” “When,” “Where,” and “Why” (don’t forget about “How!”) When you are able to give answers to these questions in full, you’ll probably be able to figure out the needs and wants of the targeted audience.

Make a difference and provide the variety your audience is looking for. Give them importance; value their needs and their opinion.


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