Integrating Instagram To Facebook Will Make The Most Of Social Media


You can link Instagram, more precisely the Instagram stories to Facebook’s apps to make the most out of social media. You will get growth in the number of organic traffic, sales prospects and business revenue as well that will be hard to ignore and unwise to let go. Based on this fact, clearly, you should be wise enough to follow the most habitual trend that most of the brands are now looking up to. Here are a few basic facts that you should know which substantiate such a shift.

  • Businesses that do link Instagram to Facebook, typically receive more social media news in their inboxes on a daily basis.
  • This shift is further reinforced by the use of Stories Highlights along with the Instagram ads that have become equally and an increasingly popular option as well.
  • Particularly, with integration with Facebook’s Ad Manager, it will be much easier for you to expand your Facebook campaigns across to Instagram as well.
  • In addition to that, use of IGTV is also gaining popularity albeit slowly abut businesses are surely using it to capture more marketing attention.
  • Lastly, Shopping Tags, though being in the early stages of rollout, is also making slow progress though its current popularity is difficult to measure as of now.

Therefore, all these make the whole story much more interesting, effective and result-driven for the businesses especially.

About Instagram Live

However, it is unfortunate that fewer brands are using Instagram Live. The concept of live streaming on other platforms is a useful one as it can produce significant opportunities. As for example, on Facebook’s main platform, the live videos typically get three times more engagement as compared to any posts that do not come with a video in it. It is found through different researches that posts with videos usually generate 59% more engagement on an average as compared to any static links or updates.

Therefore, Instagram Live can be the most significant aspect of marketing. You will have to make sure that:

  • The placement of Instagram Live streams are prominent
  • It is right at the top of user feeds and
  • It produces a high relative engagement rate.

More and more businesses like Stormlikes are taking on to this concept as it provides them with much more insights making it a much more effective option to consider to move forward.

Using Instagram in social media

When you use Instagram fully and effectively, you can share your photos with other social networks. However, the good thing is that Instagram itself has own social network. Therefore you do not have to use it exclusively.

All you have to do is consider using it as your central for the photos if you want to maintain an active presence on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, or any other social networks. When you do so, you will be able to share the photo to any other social network channel when you post a new photo.

Easy to integrate

There are lots of benefits of linking Instagram to Facebook, especially if you are a small business owner.

  • It will help you to build more brand awareness
  • It will help in increasing your customer reach
  • It will help in generating more sales leads.

However, you may be wondering about the best ways to integrate these two popular social media platforms knowing the fact each platform is not exactly the same. You may also wonder whether or not you should post the same content on both these platforms and leave them as it is without any tweaks or do something that will produce better results for your business with the desired exposure for your brand as it deserves.

When you know more about platform integration you will not only find that it is very easy. All you have to do is:

  • On Instagram simply find the account settings by clicking on the three dots located in the top right of your screen
  • Scroll to Linked Accounts
  • Select Facebook and then
  • Enter all your personal login information when asked for.

However, if you want the business of your choice instead of your personal timeline as the default, you will have to select Facebook again and click “share to.”

It is advised that you also create the bridge between Facebook and Instagram on the Instagram side. This is because the content or posts that will work on Instagram will also work on Facebook but the other way round maybe always the case.

A fast gateway

When you link Instagram to Facebook and not the other way round, you will have created a faster and easier gateway to reach out to several customers’ streams. You can achieve all that just with a single click on the specific button.

In addition to that, such integration will also create a two-hit advertising stream for the potential clients who may have connected to you on both these platforms. They will be now exposed to every post twice without you having to double your effort. This will create a double impact on the users with minimal effort from your side.

To or not to link it

If you are wondering whether or not you should integrate Instagram with Facebook, the answer is yes, you should. You will have nothing to lose but lots to gain. This seems to be the right business promotion idea, irrespective of the type and size of business.

  • You will be able to do things in a much different way as compared to your competitors
  • You will get more likes and real Instagram followers and get more comments as well
  • You will not have to buy followers and likes on Instagram but get these organically
  • You will be able to send messages quickly through the useful chat feature and
  • You will be able to post high-quality pictures with the edit and filter feature.

Therefore, in this modern-day business, integrating Instagram and Facebook will help you to gain a lot through social media and become an influencer to influence other business owners as well.

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