How to promote your next Christmas fundraiser

How to promote your next Christmas fundraiser
How to promote your next Christmas fundraiser. Image source: Pixabay

The Christmas spirit is in the air, and the holiday season is upon us. Among Christmas’s many meanings are love, family, compassion, and giving. Many organizations rely heavily on donations made over the Christmas season to meet their annual budget needs, making December the most crucial month for fundraising. By organizing a Christmas fundraiser, your organization may make the most of the crucial giving season and bring in the money it needs to keep operations.

In addition to reaching out to new contributors who may not have otherwise heard of your organization, Christmas fundraising can be a fun opportunity to get your current supporters involved and show them how their contributions have made a difference. A holiday-themed fundraising drive lets you keep your contributors involved and cultivate new ties with them. However, promotions of the fundraiser are just as important as any other part. Here are a few ways you can promote your next Christmas fundraiser.

Incorporate other social media

Reiterating email campaign announcements on social networks can help maintain cohesion in your messages. If you just sent out an email announcing a matching campaign, you should post and tweet about it.

Always remember that time-sensitive social media content should serve as a complement to your overall plan. Ensure that not every post you make is a straight ask, and keep posting interesting, campaign-related material customized to each network’s audience.

Including images, infographics, videos, or other visuals with your content may increase their visibility and engagement. Put your Christmas campaign’s logo on them to motivate your audience to help others this season; if you need help creating content, services such as PosterMyWall offer a wide selection of story and Christmas flyer templates.

Include a call to action on your main page

Ensure that your year-end activities are highlighted on your homepage since this is one of your most valuable marketing tools. Make a striking call to action that encourages people to visit your campaign’s website or micro-site. Your call to action (CTA) for your holiday campaign should be prominently displayed on your homepage, drawing the eye of visitors as soon as they see your site.

Employ email marketing

Even if you can’t get the news out to everyone you know personally, you can still get the word out about your holiday fundraiser by email and social media. Compile a list of people you know and people who know them who would be willing to send the email or message to their connections. Sending holiday greetings to your closest contacts is an excellent way to get them to help spread the word about your cause.

Make the emails interesting and heartfelt to get people in the Christmas mood. Since you can personalize emails for each reader, they are a powerful marketing tool. You may try out different layouts and topics to see which ones get the most clicks and hence the most people reading your emails. You may create specific lists based on things like proximity and frequency of communication.

Start a holiday-themed hashtag campaign

Use a hashtag to collect and track all social media posts, comments, and tweets that refer to your holiday fundraising drive. Maintain an active presence, answer questions and comments quickly, and show appreciation to your followers by favoriting and retweeting their posts.

Customize donating levels for various donor groups

Create personalized checkout pages for contributors with various giving levels while you’re at it to get greater outcomes this season. During your email campaign, divide your contacts into subsets based on the average amount they’ve previously donated (lower, medium, and high-tier donors). Given that many people choose to boost their charitable contributions during the x-mas, this strategy may solicit higher contributions from specific contributors without insulting others who already donate substantially.

Introduce your campaign in your newsletter

Even while it’s tempting to focus only on holiday-themed communications, don’t forget to send out your usual biweekly or monthly newsletter in December if you usually do so. Stick to your newsletter publishing schedule and include your holiday promotion in that regular communication line. Ensure that the focus of your newsletter remains on your cause.

Final Verdict:

You should not undervalue the significance of your annual Christmas fundraising drive. To that end, it should be shown prominently across your media platforms. By implementing these strategies to promote your Christmas fundraiser, ensure your company is at the forefront of people’s minds over the holidays.