How to hack Facebook Messenger Password Online

How to hack Facebook Messenger Password Online
How to hack Facebook Messenger Password Online

Hacking Facebook messenger password is in some conditions proven useful. One such condition is when you are worried about what your loved ones might get themselves into. Taking an example, sometimes saving your sons or daughters from cyber criminals is worth hacking their password. 

There are applications available to do anything these days. In order to save people from the above-mentioned situations, ‘hacking Facebook messenger password apps’ are now available. These apps make your work easy and help you accomplish what you want. 

Here are the most advanced apps:

  1. Using Cocospy:

Hacking Facebook messenger password by a parent to save their children cannot be termed as wrong. In such cases, apps like Cocospy come in handy to hack Facebook messenger. They provide solutions needed by millions of users and solve their problems instantly. 

Cocospy is a hacking app used in more than 190 countries all over the globe. This app is manageable and straightforward with almost negligible difficulties making it user-friendly. Adding to this, the app does not grab attention because of its small size. 

Available for both Android and iOS phones, Cocospy is used to get access to the target device. Cocospy uses cutting edge technology which is one of the most advanced features of this app. Also, this app does not require you to root the target device, not even for social media apps.

1.1 Process of obtaining the Facebook messenger password from Cocospy for android phones.

  • Download Cocospy app on the target device
  • Using download link sent to email ID, register at Cocospy
  • Put in the details of the target device on the website
  • Spy or monitor the information you need

Note, there is no need to root the device for spying Facebook messenger. 

1.2 Process of obtaining the password using Cocospy for iOS phones.

  • Unlike Android phones, there is no need to download the app
  • Open Cocospy website and enter iCloud details of the target device
  • Spy on the Facebook messenger app the way you want to


Note, a jailbreak is not required for spying on features like call logs, Whatsapp messages, etc. by the iPhone users. If jailbreak is done, it can be reversed without any damage to the device. This app has minimal battery consumption.

One might use this app to track the target device using the GPS. Due to such exciting features, Cocospy has been recognised by the big outlets like Forbes, TechRadar and many more. With such high recognitions, it is apparent that Cocospy has proven its worth. 

  1. Using Spyic: 

With an exceeding reputation all over the globe, Spyic is a leader in the phone monitoring industry. Its database of users exceeds millions and is famous in more than 190 countries. With no jailbreak or download policy, spyic is recommended by its customers.  

Unlike apps where rooting of the target device is required to monitor third-party apps, it is not so in Spyic. The reason is its cutting edge technology, one of the best in the whole wide world. Another reason why, is Spyic promises to provide a web-based solution. 

The app can be downloaded in less than 5 minutes in any android phone. Not to mention, the size of the app is negligible, that is less than 2MB. Minimal battery is used by the app and after installation, its icon gets hidden working in stealth mode.

The app can be uninstalled through the control panel for android devices. As for iOS devices, downloading the app itself is not required. Monitoring takes place by just using the iCloud details, similar to the way it is done in Cocospy. 

Because of such features offered by Spyic, your target will never know about you monitoring their facebook messenger. Using spyic for hacking facebook messenger will be successful. I can assure you that because of the recognition by big outlets like CNET, The New York Times, etc.

2.1 Process using Spyic

  • Register on Spyic website by tapping on ‘sign up now’ option
  • Purchase the suitable subscription and receive the confirmation mail
  • If the target device is an android phone, manually install Spyic app
  • If the target device is an Apple phone, just enter the iCloud details on the website
  • Use the control panel to hack the facebook messenger password and monitor the information you want to

Both these applications have made it easier for people to hack facebook messenger and other such apps. I think it does not matter for what reason it is needed when hacking is done to prevent wrongful activities. Thus, both Cocospy and Spyic are pretty good options and either of the two will fulfil the purpose.

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