Fibre Tiger – Relaunched With New Design and ADSL Options

Fibre Tiger - Relaunched With New Design and ADSL Options
Fibre Tiger - Relaunched With New Design and ADSL Options

We recently relaunched our new “Fibre and Internet Comparison Service”

In addition to the new design we have added ADSL comparison and now compares over 15 ISPs  on over 14  Fibre, LTE and ADSL Networks.
Think of us like “Hippo For Insurance” but for fibre and internet services.
So far the feedback from the users has been fantastic! Most people in South Africa still fails to understand the technicalities of the fibre services (not their fault).
They fail to understand the difference between a fibre network and a fibre isp, and that they can only get fibre from a fibre isp who has a package on a fibre network in their area.
After more than two years FibreTiger just keeps on growing!
For the re-design of F.T I  got a real designer a really good one i.e “Werner Viljoen” an ex-colleague of mine.
 Programmers (me) makes for very poor designers.
The feedback we use to get was that the site was just too busy and people weren’t sure how to select and what to select in terms of the options and coverage (fibre network + fibre isp).
My own gf used to say it looks like a XMass tree 🙂
It also doesn’t help that most S.A people struggle with the fibre network vs fibre isp concept and that you DON”T need a Telkom line for fibre !! WHooyoo !!
The original site I think also didn’t quite convey the message that we are a comparison service not an ISP
How to describe Fibre Tiger
Many people still see Fibre Tiger as an ISP and the best way to describe us to the public is… We exactly like “Hippo For Insurance – But for FIBRE !”
Top Enquiries
Our top email query was always  “Can I get fibre at XYZ address” closely followed by “Can you help me cancel my Telkom line“. After the re-design and launch two weeks ago the query for  “Can I get fibre at XYZ address” has dramatically decreased.
The ugly truth is that in S.A most people still can not get fibre (for varying reasons) and are stuck with ADSL and Telkom for years to come !! Its getting better and better the fibre coverage but we are not there yet !
Right now we only list a few ADSL suppliers (WebAfrica, Vox, Mweb and Axxess) but will be adding to the list very soon ! The ADSL pages are getting more and more popular and we see about 1 in queries and leads go to ADSL vs Fibre.
For fibre we have over 15 of the very best and well-established ISPs and adding more !
Top Pages
Surprize Surpize one of our most popular pages is our “Multi-Portal International Speed Test
The local speed test from MyBroadband and Mweb is very good but still local only! Most of the content I consume web and or streaming like NetFlix from international sources.


Jacques du Rand

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