Dropstore features for Dropshipping in South Africa



Dropstore is a drop shipping application through which a supplier can easily supply their products to online retailers and the retailer can easily export the stuff from online suppliers in South Africa and then import it directly to his or her Shopify or Woocommerce Store.  This application helps the retailer in delivering the orders to their customers within a few clicks. Dropstore Dropshipping application is also popular for its amazing features. The best part about this application is that it caters specifically to South African suppliers and South African Manufacturers. This application works on both Shopify and Woocommerce stores.

So if you are interested in starting your Dropshipping websites business with Shopify or Woocommerce then you must consider the features below.

Dropstore application features.

Immediate and easy import from South African Dropshipping Suppliers

If you are interested in starting your business using Dropstore then you will be happy to hear that Dropshipping from South African Dropship Suppliers is one of the main and easiest features. In order to find the products from South African suppliers, the retailers do not face any sort of difficulties. After getting the required product on South African suppliers, the retailer can easily import it to their Shopify or Woocommerce store.

Product customization

A retailer can edit a product before syncing to their store. And after the product is synced to the retailer’s store, the retailer can still edit the product without any issues.

Orders get fulfilled automatically

If the retailer gets a new order then all he needs to do is to put the requirement in the inventory and then hit on the “order product” button. Once the retailer presses the button, Dropstore app will automatically handle everything and the process of picking, packing and shipping will be completed by the supplier.

Prices and inventory will get auto updated

Prices and inventory of the stocks will get automatically updated so that the retailer will never sell stuff that is out of stock.

Track records regarding sales and shipment

The integrated order tracking feature of Dropstore allows the retailer to get details about shipped items from the suppliers. Furthermore, the retailer can also check the share of his profit by visiting the “sales and cost” Dashboard of the application. Also automatically counts how much the retailer is earning and how much the retailer is spending.

Easy integration with Shopify & Woocommerce

After creating a Dropstore account, a retailer can easily install the Dropstore App to Shopify by clicking on “Store” Tab on Dropstore and click on the “Shopify Integration” or the “Woocommerce Integration”. Then follow the quick easy steps to install the Dropstore App to their store.

1 to 3 Day Courier Delivery

Fastest delivery on any Dropshipping App in the World to South African Customers. This is because of the suppliers on Dropstore App ship from within South Africa to South African Customers. No other Dropshipping App in the World even comes close to this in terms of delivery to Customers in South Africa.

Pricing markup

For retailers having a few products in their site setting a price is not a difficult task but if the retailer is selling several products then keeping the price track becomes difficult sometimes. Well, Dropstore application helps the retailer in setting up his own price markup for the store.

Dropstore features make it the best Application for an Inventory Marketplace and Dropshipping automation in South Africa and for South Africans.

Hence these are some of the reason why Dropstore features make it the best application for Dropshipping in South Africa.

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