Casey Mantle, 8909, joins IAB SA Influencer Marketing Committee

Casey Mantle, 8909, joins IAB SA Influencer Marketing Committee
Casey Mantle, 8909, joins IAB SA Influencer Marketing Committee

Casey Mantle, Head of Chatterbox at 8909  has been appointed as a member of the Interactive Advertising Bureau South Africa (IAB SA) Influencer Marketing Committee.

The IAB South Africa is an independent, voluntary, non-profit association focused on growing and sustaining a vibrant and profitable digital industry within South Africa. The IAB SA Digital Influencer Marketing Committee, which was formed in October 2019, has been working towards generating clearly defined and commonly agreed guidelines, standards, best practice, definitions and benchmarks, in collaboration with IAB Global, to assist IAB SA members to make empowered digital decisions in this growing segment of the industry.

The Chatterbox department within 8909, led by Mantle, specialises in influencer marketing, community building and management, and platform management. The Chatterbox team adheres to a philosophy that places a strong emphasis on prioritising human relationships, while leveraging technology and data to achieve optimal outcomes.

Mantle is thrilled to be part of the IAB SA Influencer Marketing Committee and is looking forward to the journey ahead.  “As a passionate advocate for authentic connections and innovative storytelling, I eagerly embrace the opportunity to collaborate with fellow trailblazers, envisioning a landscape where creativity thrives, impact amplifies, and influence transcends boundaries. I look forward to unlocking a new era of influencer excellence with like-minded experts on the panel, where our collective aspirations meet reality, empowering influencer campaigns,” says Mantle.

Ciaran Mckivergan, founder and Managing Director of 8909, affirms that Mantle’s appointment to the committee is a testament to her knowledge and the experience of her team. “Casey leads our fast growing, award-winning, influencer marketing team who have been making waves across Africa. We are passionate about helping brands connect with their audiences through the creator economy, and we are excited to use his platform to help shape the future of this industry,” says McKivergan.

In addition to Mantle’s appointment on the IAB SA Influencer Marketing Committee, 8909 has also become an IAB member.

The IAB SA currently represents more than 200 members including online publishers, brands and educational institutions, as well as creative, media and digital agencies. Their aim is to provide members with a platform where they can engage and interact with each other and address digital issues of common interest, and thus stimulating learning and growth within the South African digital space.

“Becoming a contributing member of the IAB has been an ambition of ours over the last couple of years. Our appointment will allow us to bring further best in class insights to our clients and will enable us to have a seat at the table in shaping the future of digital marketing in Africa, which we are very passionate about,” Mckivergan adds. 

Founded in 2015 by Mckivergan, 8909 is a digital agency that believes that human behavioural psychology and meaningful digital data should be the starting point for any effective marketing campaign, and data should be used as a continual benchmark to evaluate ongoing success. The agency’s unique approach to Quantified Creativity, and the value and return that this approach brings to clients, is what sets them apart from other agencies. With a focus on leveraging data to uncover essential local African insights and creating locally relevant, needle-shifting creative that speaks to a global audience, 8909 has clients across Africa, the Middle East, the UK and the US.