Buying followers: Is it profitable?

Buying followers: Is it profitable?
Buying followers: Is it profitable?

Without social networks or social media marketing, it is no longer possible today to succeed as a professional on the Web. Whether on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or YouTube, each company now needs to have a presence on social networks to reach a broad audience. The launch is quite easy: in a short time it is possible to create a Facebook page for business or open a professional Instagram account.

But a good social media strategy requires a lot of time and energy. Publications and content must be reviewed several weeks in advance and good and regular cooperation with influencers is needed. But in the end, it doesn’t matter how professionals maintain their social channels if they don’t have fans and followers and hence audiences. Although writing and publishing the first text may be simple, entries that succeed on different platforms are often much more difficult than expected. Indeed, followers rarely come on their own initiative, on the contrary it is far more important to actively seek them out and persuade them to join your community and then look after them. So many have their initial ideas for buying followers and thus taking a shortcut to having a presence on social media success. Purchasing likes also seems to be an attractive complementary option at first glance. But is it worth it?

Where to buy followers?

Incidentally there are many suppliers on the Web that offer this service and some sites even specialize in this field. A simple Google search can find a long list of sites that offer several options and purchase services. Buying followers or likes isn’t expensive. For a few dollars it is possible to get including thousands of Instagram followers and this in a very fast time. Finally, there are now several different options and packages for various platforms.

Influencers with little credibility

But here is the first problem: a classic account that in a very short period of time increased the number of followers of more than 10,000 people quickly became suspects and therefore not too credible. For a company, at first glance it doesn’t really matter. A fast-growing business account is sometimes not noticed. But on the social web, there are not only simple brands and users. Indeed, there are also categories that often create links between simple users and these companies and categories are entirely dependent on social media: those are bloggers, video bloggers, young stars, media personalities, etc., in short: influencers.

Companies and brands always want to work together in partnership with influencers and bloggers. Except it’s quite simple to check whether the social media profile holder has used likes or followers’ purchases. Indeed, there are many examples of Instagram analysis tools that can analyze Instagram accounts in seconds. If a company searches for an influencer for a marketing or advertising project and analyzes static and finds that the account contains “purchased” followers, there may be less interest in influencers. But for certain cases where Instagram accounts are made to market personal products, buying Instagram followers is a good option. If you are in the situations, you can buy Instagram followers to improve your reputation. But you should not do it excessively. So is buying Instagram followers profitable? It depends on your objective!

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