Boost your eShops Profitability with eCommerce Plugin List in 2020

Boost your eShops Profitability with eCommerce Plugin List in 2020
Boost your eShops Profitability with eCommerce Plugin List in 2020. Image source: Pixabay

There was a time when cell phones were simple and the only purpose, they were used for, was calling and texting. Now suppose, if today you are provided with the same option, will you use that simple cell phone again?

Definitely, the answer will be no.

But why, what is the problem now?

The problem is, we as humans always resist change, especially the one in which we are offered less than usual.

The same is the case with eCommerce plugins. If you don’t introduce them to your platform, some others will take advantage and put you out of the competition.

Now the question is what are eCommerce plugins?

Ecommerce plugins are special applications with primary function, to add features and certain functionality to a website. They work similarly to mobile apps. With technological advancements they are molded into more sophisticated and intelligent apps that are crucial for eCommerce. As they enhance the user experience, which let the user spend more time on your platform. That means the Probability of shopping will increase.

Boost your eShops Profitability with eCommerce Plugin List in 2020:

Today there are about 48,000 plugins available for free in WordPress plugin and thousands of these are sold by third-party developers. Let us go through the list of some best eCommerce Plugins in 2020.

  • WooCommerce: This plugin is considered to be one of the most usable and customizable plugins, that can boost your eshops profitability. It approximately holds about 28% of eCommerce stores. This platform is loaded with many features that empower your website to become a multi-million dollar eCommerce store. This plugin comes with both free and paid extensions and is available with a variety of themes.


  • WordPress Ecommerce: One of the best-trusted platforms, that enables you to customize Cascading style sheets and HyperText Markup language, with the help of which you can modify the feel and look of your online shop. This helps you with customers spending more time on your eCommerce store thus increasing your sales.

The most interesting feature of this plugin is its smooth checkout procedure that helps in boosting eStores’ conversion rate. Moreover, it can be integrated easily with many shippers and payment processors that further make the task easy for you.


  • Shopify: It comes with fully loaded features like inventory, shipping, and fulfillment, payments, secure checkouts and taxes. With Shopify Lite you own the power to build custom storefronts as per your choice. You can also sponsor your content on the page of your choice or you can post on your site. Shopify also provides you an option to sell on Facebook(A platform with 2.32 billion monthly active users).

Shopify is well known for its theme, you can choose your theme as per your need. All themes are provided with Shopify Buy Button which is specially built for WordPress.


  • MarketPress: If you are tired of looking for extensions and apps to give your platform a unique experience, then Marketpress is the solution for your eCommerce store. It is a fully developed system that does not require any extensions and apps. It provides you with 15 payment gateways and supports about 120 different currencies. It is equipped with advanced shipping options like UPS, USPS, Fed-Ex and in-store pickup.

It also provides you with the feature of hiding a product from certain guests when you don’t want them to see.


  • Easy Digital Downloads (EDD): In 2020, the digital trend is going to take a sharp hike, so a unique plugin is required, that is capable enough of handling digital products efficiently. EDD offers you an intuitive plugin that helps you to manage and sell digital products on WordPress.

Although Woocommerce offers you this support, EDD is equipped with more features that mainly focus on digital sales. EDD also provides you with a much cleaner interface. That means if your main focus is on selling items like eBooks, audio files, and PDF files, EDD is the best option to go with. Moreover, the core plugin of EDD is free of cost.

Conclusion: Ecommerce Plugins can boost your eShops profitability, as they help to attract more customers on your platform and create loyalty. Today a lot of plugins are available, each carrying certain pros and cons with it. Although a single plugin alone does not meet all of the requirements, some can meet your necessary demands, and among those best are presented to you.

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Wonderpush, a platform that can boost your eShops profitability through WordPress Push notifications. Here you are provided with emerging technological trends that can boost your business in 2020. In this article, a memoir is presented to you that helps you to choose the best plugin for your eCommerce platform. Woocommerce push notifications are one such plugin that is capable of taking your eCommerce business to a new level.

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