BEST 15 Shopify Apps Used By Big Brands That You Can Also Use And Blow Your Competition Away

BEST 15 Shopify Apps Used By Big Brands That You Can Also Use And Blow Your Competition Away
BEST 15 Shopify Apps Used By Big Brands That You Can Also Use And Blow Your Competition Away. Image source: Pixabay

The apps presented in this article have been proven to be the best for increasing conversion rates for Shopify merchants. Nonetheless, it is still important to constantly learn new ways on how to drive traffic to your shopify store from social media and other channels and conduct extensive shopify product research.

Auto Currency Switcher

This is one of the best currency Shopify apps with a free plan. The free plan is a drop-down menu that customers can use to switch between your chosen currencies.

BEST Currency Converter

If you don’t like the look of Auto Currency Switcher, then Best Currency Converter is another excellent app that has a free plan. Like the other a app, it will add a drop down menu to your store, so that customers can change currencies.

Personally, out of these two apps I think this one looks the best.

Gooten – Print and Drop Shop

This is a growing print-on-demand app and company that you can use to create lots of custom products. I wanted to highlight it in this video because compared to some other print-on-demand apps that have already been featured in this article, Gooten has some particularly unique and interesting products not available on those ones.

For example, you can make a custom Ottoman and they have a huge selection of blankets that you can print on. But because the fact that the app and the company is still growing, I only recommend using them for products that you can’t find on other print-on-demand apps.

Facebook Channel

It is a free app officially created by Shopify. With Facebook Channel you can connect your Shopify store to your Facebook fan page and sell items directly through Facebook, without users having to come to your store.

Messenger Channel

This app lets you sell items directly in Facebook Messenger. This app is officially made by Shopify. Customers can purchase items from your Shopify store or within the Facebook Messenger app without ever having to come to your store.

Abandoned Cart Messenger

Continuing with Facebook messaging apps – Abandoned Cart Messenger is the app where customers are enticed to subscribe to your Facebook messages through discount coupon codes.

when they sign up they get the discount coupon and they are now subscribed to receive messages from you via Facebook.

Then if a customer doesn’t complete their order you can send them a follow-up message encouraging them to come back via Facebook messenger. Facebook Messenger has crazy good open rates – much higher than email.

Building a list with Facebook Messenger is something that you should strongly consider.

Recart Messenger Marketing

This is another more popular, though slightly more expensive version of this app. Using discount coupons. You can also build up your Facebook Messenger list and seeing customers abandon their cart, messages, invoices, shipping notifications and advertising campaigns.

If you’ve got to apps like this, which do pretty much the same thing and are both extremely well reviewed. When deciding between the two, what I’d recommend that you do is to pick one and you try its free trial and see if you like the interface. If you find it clunky to use and you don’t like it, then try the other app.


Dropified is another app that semi-automates dropshipping and is pretty similar to Oberlo and Shpzie. In fact, Dropified is considered to be one of the best oberlo alternatives. It simplifies the process of adding products to your store and lets you fulfil items on AliExpress with just one click, but unlike Shopzie – there is no cash back.

You might be thinking what is the point of using Dropified, when Shopzie is cheaper and it gives you cash back? – And that’s a good question.

The answer to it is that dropified has a unique feature that lets you dropship items from retail stores such as eBay, Amazon and Walmart. However, I’ve got to be entirely honest – this is not something I would recommend. That wouldn’t be dropshipping, but a form of online retail arbitrage. Another thing worth mentioning is that Dropified works really well with shopify chrome extension like SaleSource.

You see when you dropship from AliExpress, you were dropshipping directly from manufacturers, who understand that they are dropshipping and they will not include any invoices or marketing materials with the package.

But if you dropship from Amazon, guess what’s going to happen? It’s going to come in a box like this:

It’s going to come with an invoice showing how much money you actually paid and the customer is going to be mad. So no, I don’t recommend that you go and dropship from retail stores like Wal-Mart and sites like Amazon and eBay, that are going to include invoices and marketing with the order.

However, I also understand that regardless of my recommendation, some people still want to do this and while I don’t necessarily encourage doing it, this is the app that will make dropshipping from Amazon and eBay a lot easier.

SEO Image – SEO Optimized.

This is a nice simple free app that optimizes the images on your site automatically for search engines and it does this by automatically adding image alt text to each of your images for you.

This is an annoying time-consuming task, so just install this app and let it do it for you.

Oxi Social Login

With this app customers can instantly create accounts in your store using social platforms like Facebook. This is a lot easier than the traditional way of signing up. So you should see a significant bump in customers who create accounts with your store.

Smile: Rewards & Loyalty

If you want to entice customers even further to sign up for an account, then check out Smile. This app makes it simple and easy to create customer loyalty programs. This isn’t an app for new stores, but once you’ve got an established store, brand loyalty programmes are a great way to get repeat buyers and to encourage your customers to refer their friends, which is the ultimate form of social proof.

Advanced Shipping Rules.

This app is pretty cool because it solves a problem that a lot of dropshippers have – the “free just pay” shipping issue. You see, Shopify doesn’t have a built-in way to run this sort of promo. Normally you have to set up complicated shipping rules using weight-based rates within your store to make this work.

This app fixes this. Using it you can group items together and set their shipping to be whatever price you want, regardless of the item weight and regardless of the item price. The 9$/month plan will be perfect for most drop shippers.

Advanced Shipping Manager

Advanced Shipping Rules is great for AliExpress, but if you’re someone who is doing multi-channel fulfillment, this is the app for you. It is a bit expensive, currently at $85/month, but if you’re more advanced and are using lots of different dropshipping platforms or different fulfillment centers or shipping to lots of different countries or for whatever reason have lots of different shipping rates that you need to manage – this app is great.

GDPR Cookie Complier

This is another simple free app that fixes an annoying problem – becoming GDPR compliant. This app will add a banner to your store that contains a link to your cookie policy, keeping you compliant with GDPR laws.

GDPR Banner: Block Cookies, JS

This is another GDPR app – even more advanced. While the previous free app just adds a banner – the paid version of this app will block cookies from working on your site until a customer agrees to opt in. The free version just adds a banner.

GDPR laws are admittedly still extremely vague and so this might be Overkill. But, if you want to be doubly safe and protect yourself legally, this is the app for you.

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