Benefits of starting a personal travel blog

It’s in the mind of many travelers to have a successful travel blog. The good thing is that today starting a travel blog and making it successful isn’t very expensive and time consuming. The other thing is that you need very little technical knowledge to make it a reality. With all the resources that are available online for this purpose, it’s very easy to get up with it. Even after setting up a travel blog, there are several benefits you will enjoy from day one.

It’s a source of income

I have actually seen many successful travel bloggers that are making thousands of dollars on monthly basis. You can make a lot of money with your travel blog especially if you do it right. However, you must be very ready to face and deal with some of the challenges as you grow. It may also take you even years to make significant money from your blogging. What this means is that when you are starting, you have to be very ready and happy with the few dollars you make.


Just like any other type of blogging, watching your audience grow week after week is the best feeling. This comes into play if you really, work hard to achieve that. After being a successful travel blogger, you can be proud of yourself for beating all the challenges and achieving that much.

You meet new people

In this venture, you have some great opportunities to meet new people and make new friends. It can be very easy to meet fellow travel bloggers and even make new friends among your readers. There are some of your readers that would want to meet you in person and can later be your great friends.

There are several free stuffs

Being a travel blogger may as well give you an opportunity to go for free sponsored trips and travel conferences. This will particularly be the case if your travel blog is very popular and successful. With such a great opportunity to fly out and have some free stays in hostels, hotels, bars and casinos to create honest reviews, you don’t want to miss out. There are some of the bloggers that also get free food tours and cooking classes so that they can come up with a genuine review based on their personal experience.

You get experience in different fields

Being a travel blogger may as well need some skills such as photography, marketing, writing and many others. When you focus your attention in Travel blogging, you will actually get experience in all these fields. You have some great opportunities to learn new things and at some other extents sharpen your skills as you make money.

You inspire people

Nothing feels better than knowing you have a group of upcoming travel bloggers that are looking up on you for guidance and advice. Being a successful travel blogger will make you a good role model and at the same time give you the pride of offering guidance to other upcoming bloggers.