8 Ways to advertise for free on the Internet

8 Ways to advertise for free on the Internet
8 Ways to advertise for free on the Internet. Image source: Pixabay

Can’t find how to make your business known? I understand you, because without money it is strong to advertise but not impossible. Here we show you how to advertise for free.

If you were about to give up for not knowing how to advertise without money Congratulations! A light has come to the end of the tunnel.

Press releases

Encourage the press to talk about your company for free can have an unthinkable impact. This can be achieved in two ways:

Press Releases: This is about generating relevant content for the media, blogs, specialized portals, magazines, radio, television and podcast programs, among others. The most required contents are usually figures, surveys, studies, case studies, new product launches, innovation, and market news.

White news: This technique consists of sending brief news to different media so that they mention them in their media and you can get high traffic from potential customers. For example, if your personal care products company will participate in a Beauty Fair, open a new store or have a special sale.

A lot of journalists have their personal blogs. You can send an email with your “news”. You can also try some sites managed by writers to share it with their followers.

Classified Ads

There are countless sites that appear on the Internet. This can offer you the publication of classified ads at no cost. Among the best known we can find: Yeebia.

Create a blog

Having a blog is one of the most effective methods to reach new audiences, keep what you already have and interact with them.

To the extent that you have time and dedication, a blog will allow you to share the content of interest and also, with a little creativity, generate an important competitive advantage over your competition.

Among the advertising objectives that a blog can meet, the following stand out:

  • Content for social networks
  • The attraction of potential customers
  • Organize high value content
  • Leads to obtaining potential clients
  • Positioning and leadership in a given industry
  • The important thing is that we have something relevant to tell

Participate in related forums

Forums are one of the famous ways to promote your business for free on the internet. Look for the forums that have more relationship with your field and with your audience, since that is where your company will attract more attention and could get potential customers.

Participate and publish relevant information that contributes to the conversation. Each content can be an opportunity to share the link to your site, to talk about a product, a benefit, about your brand, its purpose, news, etc.

Unless it is a purely commercial forum, try to leave your link in a subtle way and, always do so with the intention of sharing relevant information with readers.

Advertising exchange

Alliances with other companies that are not competitors is an initiative that usually increases marketing results. In these alliances, it is possible to exchange advertising and even jointly announce some products or services.

To start identify companies in your field that do not sell the same. Write to them offering to exchange advertising, where each company will send an email to its database offering the products or services of the other. Be creative when sending this email, you can offer a special discount for your customers or some other special hook.

Search engine optimization (SEO)

Implementing an SEO strategy can be the difference between users never knowing your business or receiving thousands of visits every week.

Videos online

Publishing videos of interest is another way to promote a company for free on the Internet, due to the widespread of videos on the web. It is true that when creating a professional video, it is necessary to invest resources. But it is not the only way.

Use social networks

Social networks are really important in marketing. Promoting on Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin mean being close to your customers and millions of consumers.

The tools offered by these sites allow to be known to many people and share information quickly, whether images, videos, texts, gifs, among other formats.

Social networks give you the possibility to constantly interact with your customers, which will allow you to better understand their needs and motivations, very valuable information when creating and offering your products and services.

Final Words

All these techniques described in this article only require the desire and time to implement them. Start with about three tactics and then try the rest. Choose the ones that best accommodate you or those that make it easier for you. As we mentioned, there are several ways to make free online advertising with surprising results.