7 Tips to promote your company business for free

promote your company business for free

There are several ways to advertise a business on the internet; unfortunately, the most effective ways have a monetary cost which some starting businesses cannot pay. In this publication, we will talk about how to promote your business free through the internet.

Promote Business in Social Networks

Social networks like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram will help you promote your company. Everyone is on social networks; you just have to discover where your potential customers are. You can open profiles on as many social networks as you want, just remember to update them regularly. Having a profile is no use if we don’t publish constantly.

Free ad pages

There are pages specially focused on the publication of free ads such as yeebia.com.ng. Yeebia free ads publication website can help you to promote your business free.

Possibly, depending on the country in which you reside and the type of business you manage, you will have other options adapted. It will also be important that you know how to choose the right place for your publication, in order not to discredit your business.

Free credit in Google Ads

A good opportunity to boost your business is to take advantage of the credits that Google Ads offers when creating a Google Analytics account. Normally it offers about € 120 of credit for investing that same amount in advertisements. If you want to start with search engine advertising, this will be your best opportunity!

Send to your Clients a Press Release

Every time your company receives a new product, participate in an event or generate something interesting, do not hesitate to send a press release to the members of your list. A press release is a very effective free advertising tool.

Sites like Mailchimp offer a free subscription service for visitors, as well as the tools necessary for the distribution of their press releases.

Promote business by publishing a Blog

A blog not only helps your company position itself among the consumer public, but it also offers you a way to connect with them directly. Always remember that one of the main keys of blogs is to maintain a periodic flow of publications, as frequent as possible.

Posting articles on other blogs or on sites such as Systemeblog will also contribute to the success of your marketing efforts.

Put Videos Related to Your Business on YouTube

YouTube offers the possibility of distributing promotional videos for free, but remember that to be successful you must publish interesting and relevant content for the public, always related to your business or activity.

Promote my Business Publishing a Photo Catalog on Flickr

A line of innovative products, a fashion show, a stand-in an exhibition, the new decoration of its window and many other excuses can be used to take photos and upload them to Flickr.

This is a place where you can collect all the photos of your business, and of course the possibility of mentioning your website.

Finally, you can also look for other formulas to publish free ads on physical media. For example, at the local level, some options are to create posters, brochures or even a small magazine that allow you to distribute for free among the businesses in your city. Participating actively in events or other meetings can also be a good excuse to distribute your contact card or brochures to do business.