5 Emerging Cybersecurity Threats In 2019


Social media platforms, gaming, and home automation apps strive hard to provide a tailored solution by gathering user data. However, somewhere in between generating solutions, such apps become a hotbed for sophisticated cyber attacks. Additionally, advanced online technology combined with AI is further facilitating such attacks to take place.

Since such technology will continue to flourish at a faster pace, the issue of cybersecurity will always be on the minds of many individuals. You can hire any reliable security company to build you a secure network or you can employ other security measures, but nothing will put an end to cyber attacks. Keeping this in mind, 2019 will definitely see a rise in the following 5 cybersecurity trends mentioned below.

Instances of Phishing will Increase


Phishing is the practice of gathering users’ sensitive information under the fake banners of an established organization. Since such email attacks will grow in number, many of the organizations will race against time to come up with a way to counter such instances.

With that being said, many of the IT enthusiasts are predicting the path of phishing attacks. Even though such attacks will gradually increase, however, they will not rely on other software programs to maximize the damage. Instead, hackers will work on and modify the existing program in a way that it would deliver a serious blow to any organization. Additionally, phishing relies on elongated URLs and corrupted links to gather financial information, all of which makes them difficult to identify.

As the phishing continue to benefit by preying on the innocent individuals, no security measure exists in place to counter it. The only practice that is widely in use depends on the proper education of the individuals to spot fake emails.

  1. A Rise in Digitally-Altered/Fake Videos

Fake news.jpg

The plethora of social media platforms proved to be a perfect breeding ground for fake news. It damaged many organizations by fooling individuals. But in 2019, another trend will steadily rise and take the world by storm.

In May of the previous year, a video of Donald Trump emerged in which he was advocating against climate change. While this video infuriated many climate-enthusiasts, it was later revealed to be a hoax; a fake video that was intentionally created to cause chaos. This begs the question; are the organizations or even countries, ready to tackle this cybersecurity issue?

Of course, this technology is unrefined yet. However, the coming years combined with the advancement of technology will further pave way for hackers to benefit from this trend. Also, the rise of Deepfake and FakeApp (apps that make altered videos) is making it considerably easy for everyone to take advantage of altered videos. Considering the available tools, it is possible that altered videos may not only damage political figures or celebrities but it also has the potential to spark international conflicts.

  1. Social Media Data Breaches Leading to Risk Management Strategy

Social media is a place that connects other people. But it is also a place that assists in data breaches. To make our internet experience a pleasant one, we knowingly provide all of our information without having second thoughts. From our addresses to email ID to contact information, social media has it all. For social media, gathering user information is necessary since they want to provide a great user experience. However, it gives hackers a perfect opportunity to steal crucial information.

Because of this, the development of security management strategy will be on the rise. This will entail a complete breakdown of every type of threat and a plan that will address each issue. It will serve more like an incident-response plan that will detect, respond and recover crucial information. Moreover, this will be followed by an employee social media plan that will guide employers on how they should conduct themselves on online mediums. Companies that provide Digital Marketing Services will be in high demand for their professional social media reputation management.

  1. Cloud-Based Security


There is always a growing need for cloud-based security products and 2019 is not going to be any different. The reason for its growing popularity is the fact that the cloud provides individuals with a customized yet reasonable solution that works best in every situation. With that being said, cloud platforms have an open APIs. This means that the company’s own designated programming teams can come together to have a scalable solution.

Often, industries tend to focus less on their security aspect. In such scenarios, the cloud-based security products are beneficial since they have the security teams to ensure smooth function. Moreover, they have the means and resources to treat others’ security as a top priority. Considering this, 2019 will be the year when industries finally realize the importance of cloud-based security products. They will transfer some parts of their security to the cloud-based products for effective handling.

  1. Mobiles and Cyber Attacks


As the number of mobile users is soaring, the threat to cybersecurity is growing as well. There is a major security gap when it comes to mobile users and hackers are taking advantage of it.

Malware in the computers can be easily recognized, however, it is extremely difficult to know whether your Android or iOS devices have been corrupted or not. Many hackers tend to benefit from this weak point. So they push other individuals to download authentic-looking apps from shady platforms. This is problematic since such apps are designed to steal crucial information from individuals’ cell phones.

Furthermore, many of the infected mobiles are connected to the major corporate networks. This creates a path for the malware to crawl from one network to another which further creates an entire thread of corrupted networks with no end in sight. Till now, there is not any comprehensive solution for such kinds of attacks. However, many cybersecurity leaders would like to see all the security endpoints tied up nicely.

So in this year, we may see an entire established market dedicated to securing up endpoints to protect corporations.

Cybersecurity and the Future

We can sit here all day and make assumptions, but only time will tell what the future holds for the cybersecurity branch. Based on the individuals’ current practices along with the corporations’ various security concerns, we have come up with this cybersecurity threat list that may influence the current year. Let us know what you think about these emerging threats in the comments below:

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