Titilayo Oyinsan media consultant and financial assets enthusiast CMTrading Nigeria

Titilayo Oyinsan, a financial educator and enthusiast who is challenging the conventional concept of currency, provides insights and a fresh perspective on all things financial. In a recent conversation on her show Women’s Wealth, supported by CMTrading, Oyinsan shared her thoughts on the evolving financial landscape, emphasising the importance of rethinking how we perceive and interact with money. Her mission is to empower women and individuals to break free from the limitations of conventional finance. She explores the possibilities that cryptocurrency and blockchain technology bring to the table.

“I’ve always been interested in creating content that positively impacts people’s lives, and, with staggering statistics on financial inequality and a lack of financial literacy among women in urban Africa, I just knew I had to do something to help.

“Women’s Wealth is more than just a show about financial literacy; it’s a platform that empowers women to take control of their financial futures. The conversation on her show delves deeper into several key aspects:

Understanding the Cryptocurrency Revolution: Cryptocurrencies, born out of blockchain technology, challenge the traditional notions of currency. They open doors to decentralised financial systems, enabling individuals to participate in a global digital economy. People should learn more about the fundamental shift in our understanding of money, where digital assets, not physical notes, hold the key to financial prosperity.

Navigating Cryptocurrency Volatility: Cryptocurrencies are notorious for their price volatility. The content provides insights into the complex nature of crypto investments, offering practical strategies for managing and mitigating risks associated with this motivating financial venture.


Demystifying Regulatory Uncertainties: While cryptocurrencies offer decentralisation and financial freedom, questions about regulation persist. We advocate for finding a balance between security and personal financial freedom, emphasising the need to adapt to this evolving financial world while maintaining control over one’s wealth,” concludes Oyinsan.

In her quest to educate and empower individuals, Oyinsan invites viewers to challenge their traditional beliefs about money and sends a  call to action to explore new financial horizons and adapt to a changing economic landscape.

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