What Is BIN? Complete List of Online BIN Checker Tools

What Is BIN? Complete List of Online BIN Checker Tools
What Is BIN? Complete List of Online BIN Checker Tools

If you’re searching for what is BIN and why it’s important then you’re at the right place. First, we are going to discuss what’s BIN and then we going to share the list of online BIN checker tools.

What’s BIN?

BIN AKA bank identification number refers to the starting 4-6 digit that appears on the credit card or payment card. These 4-6 digit numbers help to identify the card’s issuing bank or other financial institution. You can also find bank identification numbers on cards like charge cards, prepaid cards, gift cards, debit cards, prepaid cards, and electronic benefit cards etc. 


It is imperative that traders check the customer’s BIN before trading with them. Corrupt people often look for weaknesses in the system. So if you’re a lazy business person, you’re more likely to be a victim of those scams. In a situation where a particular merchant does not have an adequate system, it is easier for fraudsters to commit crimes related to credit cards.

Why we need Online BIN Checker?

It is important to use the BIN verification system to prevent credit card crimes. What is a BIN checker? With the BIN verification program, merchants can verify credit card reliability. The BIN Verifier checks the BIN on the credit card. In a situation where the BIN is invalid, the card will be rejected.

It then looks for the BIN in the BIN database (for identity verification). After the request is returned, the cardholder’s data will be displayed (data including the name of the issuing bank, card number, card type, currency, card type and card issuing country. As soon as the merchant receives the card information, he can match the card with the owner/customer In a situation where the card data does not match the data provided by the customer, it is very likely to be a fraud.

Here is a detailed online BIN checker video which can be very useful. Must Watch

Best Internet BIN Checker Services: Here we have tried to compile the list of best BIN checker service online. Which you can use to check BIN bin without any hassle.

  1. Free BIN Checker: FreeBINChecker is an excellent BIN checker that has offers its users fantastic BIN checking services. The site is simple, neat, and has a user-friendly interface that is straightforward to navigate. When you visit the website, all you have to do to verify the validity of the credit card is to enter the first six digit of the card number in the window provided at the homepage.
  1. Bank Bin List: Bank Bin List is a brilliant BIN checker that provides excellent BIN checker services to online merchants and business owners. Bank Bin List is easy to use for all merchants. To verify the validity of your purchaser’s credit card, you can enter the BIN number in the window provided on the homepage of the Bank Bin List. Then you hit the check icon.
  1. IIN Bin List: IIN Bin List is a fantastic BIN checker website through which online merchants can carry out BIN checks on their purchaser’s credit cards. The BIN checker site has a well designed and easy to use interface. With IIN Bin List, you can check the BIN number on the credit card of your customers effortlessly.
  1. Credit Card Rush: Credit Card Rush is a popular BIN checker that offers effective BIN check services to its users. The website is designed to assist users to check the validity of credit cards easily and quickly. You can check the authenticity of the credit card with the Credit Card Rush by entering the BIN number in the window provided on its homepage.
  1. Exact BIN: Exact BIN is a perfect BIN checker for all online merchants. Through the monthly update of its database, the BIN checker offers excellent BIN check services to its users. As a merchant, you can integrate Exact BIN to your payment system. 


BIN check is vital and very important to traders to stop frauds in their businesses. We have tried our very best to explain to you about BIN and how can you use BIN services. If you like the information please feel free to share with your friends family and friends to let them aware of bank identification.