Travel insurance for a worry-free journey

Travel insurance for a worry-free journey
Travel insurance for a worry-free journey

Johannesburg, 5 December 2023 – In the world of travel, every journey has a story to tell. From navigating the vibrant streets of Kolkata to the serenity of the Galápagos Islands, travellers have embarked on adventures both near and far, always emerging unscathed. Yet, in hindsight, they acknowledge the thin line that separates seamless travel from unexpected mishaps.

The last thing anyone wishes for during a honeymoon or an adventurous escape is to be left without the crucial support that guarantees a safe journey home. Travel insurance stands as the unsung hero capable of making or breaking one’s travel experiences.

“When venturing to the farthest reaches of the world for paradise, business, or adventure, one must anticipate the unexpected. While embracing a comprehensive travel policy may initially seem daunting, the peace of mind it provides is truly priceless,” says Peter Olyott, CEO of Financial Services Provider, Indwe Risk Services (Indwe).

Amid the exhilaration and excitement of travel, it’s essential to understand the dos and don’ts of travel insurance. Olyott provides 5 key tips to consider before embarking on your journey, namely:

  1. Take a moment to evaluate the unique risks associated with your chosen destination. Whether it’s the Alpine slopes or an African adventure, each voyage carries its distinct challenges. Ensuring the right cover for your destination is paramount. It is also advisable to plan for potential delays or missing connecting flights when moving from one destination to another.
  2. Many banks and travel agencies extend complimentary travel insurance when purchasing air tickets directly. While this provides a foundation of protection, it’s vital to assess whether additional coverage is necessary. Speak to your insurance advisor to make an informed decision based on your existing cover.
  3. Every travel insurance policy presents specific benefits and exclusions. When travelling abroad, visa requirements can impact policy limitations, and certain regions may be excluded from coverage. Take the time to comprehensively review your policy to understand its terms and conditions.
  4. It is advisable to secure your chosen policy as soon as your holiday or business trip is booked and paid for. This ensures access to cancellation coverage that can extend for up to six months prior to departure.
  5. Travel insurance is not an area where skimping is advisable. While basic coverage includes medical, accidental death, and disability protection, it often has limitations. Opt for comprehensive coverage, which encompasses safeguards for unexpected trip cancellations, death and disability, personal liability, luggage, and more. Also, bear in mind that expenses incurred overseas can be multiples of the rand equivalent and a lot more expensive in real terms before exchange rate considerations.

Olyott explains further: “While concerns like terror attacks and civil unrest command attention, only 15% of travellers worry about adequate insurance coverage for common, yet more likely scenarios such as illness or accidents. The most critical benefit of your travel insurance policy is emergency medical coverage, addressing medical costs in the event of injuries or illness while abroad. Maintain vigilance and prioritise the everyday risks.”

It is imperative to disclose any pre-existing medical conditions to your travel advisor. Failure to do so can lead to losses and added expenses if your journey needs to be cancelled or cut short due to these conditions. Verify whether your travel insurance policy covers these pre-existing conditions.

“Although most risks are mitigated when traveling domestically, tailored insurance coverage designed to meet your specific needs when you travel internationally can spare you from unnecessary expenses,” says Olyott. Unforeseen travel-related delays and luggage loss or theft can disrupt your plans and finances, making the investment in travel insurance worthwhile.

Travel insurance serves as the safety net that transforms your journeys from moments of uncertainty to worry-free adventures. Make sure to embark on your next travel experience fully prepared and with the utmost assurance.

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