Time to make more income with Affiliate Marketing and CM Trading


Time to make more income with Affiliate Marketing and CM Trading
Time to make more income with Affiliate Marketing and CM Trading.

The Income Stream You Didn’t know About

Following the free webinar, “Get a new Income stream! – Business referral and affiliate marketing”, on 2 September,  Stephen Beak, Partnership Specialist at CM Trading, discusses the little-known benefits of affiliate marketing; a way of making extra income that may be well worth looking into.

“Making a passive income seems like an impossible dream to so many people. But it may not be quite as out of reach as you think. Affiliate marketing is an online sales tool that generates commission based on referrals. So, as an affiliate for CM trading, for example, you could leverage your social media platforms, website or blog to refer interested customers to CM Trading. And if they sign up to trade, you get a commission.

“It really is that simple. And in a time when many incomes have been cut or even lost completely due to the devastating impact of COVID-19 on the economy, any extra income might be very welcome indeed.

“Affiliate marketing is not a ‘get rich quick’ scheme. But it does offer quite a few attractive benefits to people who decide to take it on. Firstly, it’s pretty easy. You are not expected to do any of the hard work once the customer has been referred through your affiliate programme. They take over from there. All you need to do is get the customer to make contact.

“Secondly – and this is possibly the most attractive thing about affiliate programmes – no financial investment is required from you. Affiliate marketing is one of the few businesses that doesn’t require any capital outlay. So, you don’t have to ‘spend money to make money’, as is generally the case when starting a business.

“The extent to which you promote your affiliate’s product is entirely your choice. It may be as simple as putting a click through banner on your personal or company website. Or, you could write a blog about the benefits of the product that is being marketed. If you don’t want to put in quite so much effort, you can simply talk about the product on social media, encouraging people to make contact with the affiliate company.

“Just how passive you would like your affiliate marketing income to be is entirely up to you. But as with any business, the more you put in, the more money you could potentially generate. That said, for some it can be easier than others. Essentially, the new generation of ‘influencers’ have become serial affiliate marketers.

“It’s common practice for companies to pay commissions to well-known influencers who use their social media platforms to promote products or services. But influencers come in many different forms. If you have a number of followers on your platform who have a common interest, and that interest ties into an affiliate’s product or service, to an extent, you are also an influencer.

“Say you run a brokerage that facilitates online trading for clients and your followers trust your opinion when it comes to trading, your influence could inspire confidence if you were to refer them to a trusted trading partner through an affiliate marketing programme.

We live in an age where learned opinion is a powerful tool. All over the world, people look for answers online – and often from individuals they see as thought leaders in their professions. Using that influence as leverage for the purposes of affiliate marketing is a powerful new way of making extra money that really deserves a lot more credit”.

For more insights from the desk of Stephen Beak, sign up for his next free webinar on 9 September: “Increase your profits – find your ideal audience”. Register online here.

To start your referral journey with CM Trading and to kickstart your passive income, visit www.cmtradingpartners.com

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