The search for a bank that can deliver on your digital expectations is over

The search for a bank that can deliver on your digital expectations is over
The search for a bank that can deliver on your digital expectations is over

Consumers and businesses in Africa are looking for digital banking solutions that can deliver on their unique and fast-changing needs, enhance their lifestyles and underpin their success.

‘Digitisation is a critical requirement for individuals and businesses alike today, and the global banking industry is working to rapidly transform in line with this trend,’ says Nthabiseng Matshekga, Executive Head of Group Marketing at Nedbank, ‘and with the advent of Covid-19, Nedbank showed up for consumers as it had been investing in digitisation since long before the pandemic. And, as a result, the bank is now at the forefront of digital innovation.’

Matshekga points out that Nedbank has years of experience and understands what clients need. For many years, Nedbank has been investing in the development of innovative digital solutions required to deliver on clients’ growing needs in a fast-changing world.

‘The result is a bank (Nedbank) like you haven’t seen before,’ she says, ‘with the insights required to deliver technologically advanced banking solutions that meet your needs, while still embracing your individuality and humanness.’

She points to a number of Nedbank’s pioneering digital solutions in recent years as evidence of our established digital leadership.

‘From our HeyNed digital assistant that helps our clients manage their lives, to our all-in-one, app-based Home-buying Toolkit – our smart, app-based geyser management system – and, of course, our Avo super app that puts every household item you could want literally at your fingertips. Digitalisation has been at the heart of almost every Nedbank product, service and solution that we have offered our clients over the past number of years,’ Matshekga explains.

And she says that the bank has no intention of resting on its digital leadership laurels. In fact, the pace of digital innovation at Nedbank is growing at a fast pace, as shown through some of the bank’s recent additional industry-firsts, to meet the digital expectations of its individual and business clients. For example, Nedbank Money Message is a convenient and secure payment management system embedded into WhatsApp; it not only makes it easy for businesses to issue invoices and receive payments, but it also extends their marketing reach via the extensive WhatsApp user base.

Then there’s the popular Tap on Phone functionality that turns a merchant’s smartphone into a virtual card machine, making it easy to receive payments anywhere, and at any time.

‘These are just a few of the examples of the ways in which Nedbank has been proactively harnessing the power of digital to not only meet the expectations of people and businesses, but also to provide them with solutions that they never even knew they needed, but which now make their lives and business operations vastly better,’ Matshekga says.

‘Consumers and businesses are no longer prepared to wait while banks roll out digital solutions or gradually transition to more innovative offerings,’ she says, ‘so it’s no longer enough to promise a more digital banking experience; it needs to be delivered right now.’