Tope Ijibadejo, CMTrading Nigeria Regional Manager

Lagos, 10 March 2022 – CMTrading Nigeria, recent winner of Nigeria’s Best Financial Broker for 2022, will be holding an exclusive free trading seminar on 19 March. Tope Ijibadejo, CMTrading Nigeria Regional Manager, discusses the importance of financial literacy and making use of opportunities to educate and empower yourself when trading.

“Warren Buffett said, ‘If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die’. The billionaire tycoon couldn’t have known how drastically the trading world has changed. Global trading is now available online and on most mobile devices. Gone are the days of relying solely on stockbrokers and portfolio managers.

“Despite this, it is essential to understand the fundamental principles of online trading and be adequately educated on making the most of the tools that are available. Partnering with a reputable broker who embraces the modern trading era is the way forward. CMTrading hopes that this seminar will provide fresh insight to anyone interested in learning how to trade with confidence.

A new approach

“In these uncertain times, many people are seeking ways to be more financially prepared, especially with recent unpredictability in so many industries due to COVID. Having a finger in more than one pie can protect everyday people in times of financial need. It’s essential to have multiple revenue streams.

“Many business sectors crashed and suffered during the pandemic. Trading, however, continued to thrive, and with increasing access to the internet, the markets will continue to grow. Even as Ukraine and Russia are at war, traders are still profiting despite European businesses suffering. Multiple revenue streams are a buffer against disaster. Forex trading, stock trading, CFD Trading and Bitcoin trading are all avenues that can be pursued but they need to be demystified. This is the aim of the CMTrading seminar.

“Trading is not difficult; however, if people do not have the required education and are not connected to the right resources and technology, it can seem more complicated. It is said that the simplest tasks are complex for a person who does not know how. No matter how simple a trading platform is, lack of knowledge and lack of access to resources can make it difficult.

Copy-trading for the newbie

“Most people have jobs and bills to pay. So, it’s not as simple as studying finance to make the most of the new trends. A reputable, forward-thinking trading company can assist in finding a means to earn and learn simultaneously. Social trading platforms allow budding traders to network and copy trades from more experienced and advanced traders in the business.

“When these traders make profits, traders who follow them can, too, simply by linking a trading account with theirs. Not only does copy trading cost no money, but it also doesn’t take away focus from the day job. Traders can still make a profit by copying professionals who have the time to be full-time traders. These people have their lives centred around trading. Copy-trading creates an additional revenue stream; even for those who run businesses or have regular nine-to-five jobs.

Words of wisdom

“There is no such thing as easy money and trading is certainly not a get rich quick scheme. It should be approached with a business mentality. Trading is not a game. It’s a business. Education is needed and that’s why an amateur trader should maximise opportunities to attend seminars and educational events.

“Arnold Schwarzenegger said, ‘You can’t climb the ladder of success with your hands in your pockets.’ Smart work goes beyond hard work. Anyone can use the experience from those more skilled and learn to trade. Social trading is a good head start. There are many scams and charlatans out there, so research is essential. And a proper education can yield results.”

The upcoming free CMTrading seminar details are as follows:

Where: Port Harcourt

When: Saturday, 19 March 2022

10 AM – 3 PM

Cost: Free, but bookings are essential as seats are limited due to COVID19 restrictions.

Click here to register and book your seat or contact CMTrading on +234 913 749 0534 for more information.

Prizes to be Won:

$500 – $750 – $1,000

The outcome

Ijibadejo concludes, “Our Port Harcourt seminar will transition into four days of intensive training that will uplift those taking part to a new level of proficiency in financial trading. This is an opportunity that nobody should miss. The training will equip you with all the knowledge, resources and tools you need to start making money from the financial markets.”

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