7 Easy Ways To Secure Funding For Startups In 2020

7 Easy Ways To Secure Funding For Startups In 2020
7 Easy Ways To Secure Funding For Startups In 2020. Image source: Supplied

When launching a startup, your idea can enrapture you forcing you to look for a tunnel vision. Some of the challenges that face you are having to recruit and retain top-tier talent. It is also hard to secure funding for startups because you have no history for your business.

Potential investors and even financial institutions will find it hard to believe in your business idea. You have to convince the lender that you have a viable business idea that will be able to repay the loan. Most of them will request you to produce financial records of six months which you don’t have.

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The good thing with all startups is that they are built from an idea. You need an innovative thing that will beat against the currents. Most of these ideas will fail if you don’t have the right financial backing. You may not go far with your idea when just getting off the ground.

You could have been hearing about the grim statistics that come from startup failures. Most businesses fail in the initial months because of financial shortages. You need to be sure of where you will get funds for your startup before you go too far. Once you have enough funds for your startup, it will have the flexibility it desires to be successful.

Getting funding for a startup can be quite challenging. You have to make sure that the funding will not over-strain your business. Here are the top ways to secure funding for startups. You will discover that it is not that hard to get the desired funding you’re your new business.

  1. Apply for Start-Up Loans

Even though most financiers avoid funding startups, we have some that have special products for startups. Some of them will give you small business loans that will help you get the working capital that you need the most.

However, the lender may expect you to have a strong credit history before making the disbursement. Besides, having an alternative source of income will work for your good. It will tell the lender that you have the ability to pay even if the business does not go as planned.

The lender will want to know whether your business environment is viable. You can increase the confidence of the lender by offering sufficient collateral. Even though the collateral does not repay the loan, it gives the lender a fall back in case things don’t go as planned.

We also have government-backed services that specialize in funding startups. Check whether you can find one that will serve your business needs well. It is one of the best ways to get funding for startups.

  1. Join a Startup Accelerator or Incubator

These organizations support the development of small businesses and startups. Most of them are associated with large companies, community development organizations, and universities.

They offer resources such as consulting services and office spaces at low costs.  These services will help to indent in the startup capital that you need most. Some of these companies offer seed funding for these small businesses.

  1. Angel investors

You should not confuse between venture capitalists and angel investors. These are high net individuals who have an interest in supporting small businesses. Some of them may want you to give them a share of equity in exchange for the funding. We have others who are more than willing to exchange their funding with convertible debt.

Most of these angel investors are former or current entrepreneurs. Therefore, you will get advice from them as they have an interest in making sure that your business succeeds.

  1. Crowdfunding

You should not overlook Crowdfunding even though it has several failures. The strategy can raise substantial funding for the startup as long as you promote it well. You can exceed your target by far as long as you present your brand well.

All that you need is a strong pitch and Crowdfunding will either meet or exceed your financial targets. Modern Crowdfunding channels are highly diversifying which gives the entrepreneur several options to raise capital.

Crowdfunding allows small enterprise to put up money in exchange for equity. Each platform has its own set of policies and you have to consider them carefully before you make a decision. This gives you more flexibility to get the right funding for a startup.

  1. Small Business Grants

The government has allocated funds to support startups. Some of them boost the growth of the economy in the areas that are characterized by low income. Others seek to advance education, medicine, and science.

Even though the process of applying for grants is wrong, you will not pay equity in return. Therefore, it is one of the best sources of funds for small businesses.

  1. Assistance from Family and Friends

It is not good to be a lender or borrower for your friends. However, you can get some flexible income from these people when launching a new business. Family and friends are common investors in small businesses.

After the initial investment, you can raise more money down the road. Friends will only help you to start off then you can seek larger sources of funds.

  1. Self-Funding

The barriers to entry for most tech businesses have been reducing over time. As a result, most entrepreneurs are utilizing their personal cash reserves to launch new projects.

If you have some substantial savings, you can use part of it as funding for the startup. Even though this move is risky, it is good if you believe in your idea. It can be an incentive to make sure that you don’t fail.


The last step in funding for startup is building your future foundation. The stage can either break or make your business. It helps you to lay the foundation for building your business. The amount of capital that you raise will have an impact on the quality of the foundation.

Lay the foundation well and then pay attention to those concerns. A good example would be getting the right employees to move your business to the next level. The key is to get the right funding for the startup.

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