What is Easy Equities?

What is Easy Equities?
Easy Equities

The stock market trading can be confusing for the average investor. Most South Africans will agree. While some people consider investing in the stock exchange risky, others believe it is the best type of investment to increase your capital over a short time. The stock market is where financially-literate investors sell and buy shares in order to make a profit for a specific period. This involves carefully selecting stocks that can increase in value when you buy them so that you can make profits. If the share price falls, you could lose your money due to the market drop. You need to do a lot of research and create a solid investment strategy in order to be successful over the long-term. Many South Africans are afraid of investing in capital shares. Only a handful do it with large companies that offer good returns. With Easy Properties, you can even invest as low as R10 in property investments!

In the past, only a select few wealthy and well-connected individuals could invest in shares or stocks. Fin-tech has made the financial sector more accessible to everyone, both locally and internationally. Easy Equities is an example of such fin-tech innovation. Easy Equities allows you to create a trading account, deposit funds, and start buying shares, bonds, and ETFs. Let’s go on a journey together as we explore the depths and secrets of EasyEquities.

What are Easy Equities?

Easy Equities, an African investment platform allows South Africans the opportunity to invest in fractional shares or bonds. With various stock markets in South Africa and abroad, you can invest as low as R5 It is designed to improve the financial lives of many South Africans.

Stock market investments in South Africa have changed thanks to technological advances and the discovery of the Internet. You can enjoy the economic benefits that come with whole shares, even if you earn fractional shares. Easy equities allows you to acquire full shares without having to sell any of your earnings. Fractional shares allow you to keep investing in more shares until you reach the full amount. Once you have completed the fraction, the platform will give you the entire claim. This means that every Rand you invest is counted and you have the chance to own shares in the South African stock exchange.

Easy Equities acts as a stock broker for whole shares. Investor is the registered owner of shares and has all rights to dividends, participation at corporate moves and other benefits that come with ownership on international stock markets or JSE Limited.

Easy Equities is the principal to contract for the different shares that are issued to the investor for fractional shares ratio shares. The investor can make a claim against the principal to obtain information about the economic benefits and risk associated with ownership, but not ownership rights.

Fractional shareholders should be aware that fractional share rights (FSRs), are issued by a contract for differences and are therefore retail derivatives. FSRs don’t give you voting rights. Only whole shares are eligible for the rights. As you continue to invest in fractional shares until you have total shares, the contract for the difference stops and you get ownership.

Easy Equities Legality

Easy Equities, a South African stockbroker, was founded in 2014. It is regulated by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission and South Africa’s Financial Sector Conduct Authority. The text broker is part of the Purple Group, which is listed on Johannesburg Stock Exchange. These two bodies ensure that the stockbroker operates transparently, earning trust from many South Africans.

How easy are Equities?

Easy Equity is an easy platform that can be used by both newbies as well as experienced users. It has a simple website that is easy to navigate. Registering is easy. You simply need to go to Easy Equities and register. After approval, log in. Registering is free and there are no monthly fees.

You will receive an award of R 100000, which can be deposited into a ZAR account, and $10000 in a USD account to demo. You can then search for familiar brands to invest in. The Easy Equities demo offers ETFs and bundles with selected shares that you can invest in. This demo will help you to understand how easy it is to invest in stocks listed on EasyEquities.

After you have mastered the basics, you can start purchasing real money. First, create your profile and activate the live account. Easy equities offers three accounts, which include theZAR and USD accounts. ZAR tax-free savings accounts are also available. You can choose between the ZAR and USD accounts after account activation.

Easy equities has the ZAR tax-free savings account. This is a great account for South Africans with low incomes. This account is activated automatically when you sign up on the platform. You can invest in a wide range of baskets, ETFs, and bundles without being taxed on any capital gains, interest, or dividends.