PVC Compounds And Processing

PVC Compounds And Processing
PVC Compounds And Processing

Welcome to Innovative PVC Compounds (IPC). We are a South African company, based in Phoenix Industrial Park, KZN, that specializes in PVC compounding.

Looking for a Company That Specialises in PVC Compounding?

Innovative Pvc Compounds Offers You a One-Stop Solution for your PVC Compound Needs

Welcome to Innovative Pvc Compounds (IPC). We are a South African company, based in Phoenix KZN, that specialises in PVC compounding. We have over twenty years of experience in the industry, and over the past two decades the IPC team have focused on bettering both our customer service as well as the quality of our product. We are at a place in IPC’s journey where we feel that we are one of the best, and most experienced, PVC compounders in South Africa!

So whether it’s your first time looking to purchase PVC compounds, or you’ve been in the industry a while and you’re looking to broaden your supplier spectrum, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our knowledgeable and experienced team.

Our PVC Compound and Processing Offerings

Are you interested to know what exactly it is that we do at Innovative PVC Compounds? We specialize in the manufacture of PVC compounds, including:

• Flexible injection compound
• Flexible extrusion compound
• Semi-rigid injection compound
• Semi-rigid extrusion compound
• Rigid injection compound
• Rigid extrusion compound

We sell the above PVC compounds to our valued clients who melt down these compounds and use them to create their own end-products or components such as shoe soles, electrical components, gumboots, floor tiles and more! The options that you have available to you when creating components and end-products from PVC raw material, are endless!

A Fully Customised Experience

At Innovative Pvc Compounds, we understand that our customers have very specificneeds when it comes to their PVC compounds and processing. We are able to provide you with compounds that are the colour of your choice, and that have properties such as nitrile rubber, flame retardant, oil resistance and more.

When dealing with Innovative PVC Compounds, you’ll be met with friendly customer service and enjoy expert advice from our professionals. We are always happy to answer any questions that you may have!

Looking for trustworthy and professional specialists in PVC compounds and processing? Get in touch with the team at IPC today!

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