INDUSTRY EXCELLENCE Financial Brokers Shine Amidst Economic Challenges

INDUSTRY EXCELLENCE Financial Brokers Shine Amidst Economic Challenges
Chief Marketing Officer for CMTrading Jonathan Bergman

Johannesburg, 15 April 2024: It’s no secret that 2024 continues to be a challenging year for many economically, and many testing conditions are currently buffeting the finance industry. Despite this, there has been one major winner in the industry that keeps on delivering amidst the trying times – CMTrading. With ten significant awards to their name already in 2024, it’s clear this year is set to be as successful for the company as 2023, with no fewer than four awards ceremonies recognising CMTrading’s bumper performances.

The largest haul of awards came from the Global Business Review Magazine, which named CMTrading the “Best Performing Financial Broker Africa 2024,” “Best Financial Broker South Africa 2024,” “Best Financial Broker Nigeria 2024,” “Best Partner Program GCC 2024,” and “Fastest Growing Financial Broker GCC 2024.”

Global Business and Finance Magazine and The Global Business Magazine Awards also named CMTrading “The Best Financial Broker in Africa 2024,” while Brand Review Magazine named CMTrading the “Most Trusted Forex Broker Africa 2024.” Brand Review Magazine added a second award to the list by also naming the company the “Most Innovative Trading App Africa 2024.”

The awards have not been confined to Africa either. International Business Magazine gave the nod to CMTrading’s Middle Eastern endeavours with the “Best Online Trading Platform UAE” award.

Chief Marketing Officer for CMTrading Jonathan Bergman said that while client success and not awards drove the company, it was still an honour to have been so thoroughly recognised at these various ceremonies.


“It’s a good start to the year,” said Bergman, adding, “While we have always said our results speak for themselves, it’s really nice to see them speaking loud enough that they are already being recognised at this early stage, and we fully intend to make 2024 a year that honours the recognition we are receiving.”

One of the biggest selling points for CMTrading has been the ease of use and their attitude toward making trading accessible. As well as having simple, easy to use products, CMTrading also shares a number of online resources to aid those looking to get involved. For instance, Chief Trading strategist Fred Razak releases a regular podcast with all of the latest news and tips, and their blog recently published two strong articles on, “How to trade forex for beginners”, and “A comprehensive guide to the volatility index”.

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CMTrading is the brand name of Global Capital Markets Trading Ltd (A Seychelles company, company no. 104785)