Indonesian E-Commerce Startup Ceases Operation

Indonesian E-Commerce Startup Ceases Operation, an Indonesian e-commerce platform co-owned by US behemoth eBay and state-owned telco firm Telkom, has ceased operation per September 1, its official statement read. was founded in September 2012 as a C2C marketplace. It was known for its gadgets offering that’s bundled with an internet data package from Telkomsel, Telkom’s wireless network unit. In its development, Blanja also offered items such as beauty products as well as food and beverage.

In 2016, both Telkom and eBay reportedly injected US$25 million into had had a hard time competing with unicorns such as Tokopedia and Bukalapak, as well as Shopee, in terms of customer acquisitions and retainments.

According to iPrice data, by Q1 2020, fell to 27th place, with just over 400,000 monthly web visits.

In 2018, Aulia Marinto who was the company’s CEO, resigned from to return to Telkom Group.

So far, the company only left steps on its site for its customers to withdraw their e-commerce balance from’s e-wallet before the end of September.

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