Egypt’s Trella Expands Its Trucking Marketplace to Pakistan

Egypt’s Trella Expands Its Trucking Marketplace to Pakistan

Cairo-based trucking marketplace Trella has expanded to Pakistan with the launch of its operations across the country, it told MENAbytes today. It is the third market for the Egyptian startup that had quietly expanded to Saudi Arabia earlier this year.

Started in early 2019, Trella’s online marketplace connects shippers with carriers to help them transport goods. The marketplace claims to have brought transparency, affordability, and reliability, for the main stakeholders of the trucking industry. Trella’s mobile app for shippers enables them to create shipments, track them, and communicate with the carrier. The carriers also get a dedicated mobile app with which they can access the marketplace, track the orders, and access insights and reports on their performance.

According to its website, the vehicles that are part of Trella’s network include trailers, flatbed trucks, jumbo trucks, and pickups.

Trella in Pakistan is being led by Saim Chaudhary who was previously with Uber Pakistan where he set up and launched Uber Auto (rickshaw ride-hailing service), and supported the launch for Uber Moto in different cities. He joined Trella earlier this year to help the company with its launch in Saudi and is now leading its operations in Pakistan.

Trella’s 10-member team in Pakistan includes a mix of former employees of mobility startups and trucking industry veterans, “We’ve been fortunate enough to assemble an A-team with diverse backgrounds. Each of our employees have played a big part in making the launch successful,” said Saim, speaking to us.

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