ECONOMIC RESURGENCE OR POLITICAL UPHEAVAL? A Chief Trading Strategist shares his thoughts on the upcoming South African elections from an investor’s point of view.

ECONOMIC RESURGENCE OR POLITICAL UPHEAVAL? A Chief Trading Strategist shares his thoughts on the upcoming South African elections from an investor’s point of view.
Fred Razak, Chief Trading Strategist at CMTrading

Johannesburg, 19 February 2023: As the world anticipates the 2024 US elections, South Africa is gearing up for its national election, which is also poised to make significant waves in sentiment as well as global investment. Fred Razak, Chief Trading Strategist at CMTrading,  offers an analysis from the international investor’s perspective, decoding prevailing sentiments and presenting his thoughts on South Africa’s political and economic future.


Stability and a Plan for Growth 

“Investors crave stability for sustainable economic growth. The prolonged governance of the ANC has left South Africa grappling with fundamental challenges, notably the dire state of its energy infrastructure, among other issues such as corruption, failure to maintain infrastructure and shortage of uncompromising investment into the development of resources,” observes Razak. “The absence of reliable electricity stifles economic activity, hindering businesses and impeding overall progress.”


He underscores the urgency for a new government committed to pragmatic solutions and robust infrastructure development. “Beyond addressing the electricity crisis, South Africa must focus on revitalizing the economy, generating employment opportunities, and restoring public confidence. Investors are therefore looking for the South African populace to elect a government that comes in with real solutions and who can develop working infrastructure that doesn’t hold back the people from reaching their potential,” Razak stresses.


“International investors seek a coherent plan encompassing housing, water, and transportation infrastructure to unleash the nation’s capacity to become so much more.”



Moreover, Razak highlights Africa’s burgeoning growth trajectory, attracting global interest and investment. “Africa’s upward demographic trend fuels optimism, drawing attention from major global players eager to establish footholds in the region,” he notes. “South Africa’s strategic positioning within alliances like BRICS presents unparalleled opportunities, sparking competition among superpowers vying for lucrative trade partnerships.”


Navigating South Africa’s Diplomatic Moves

Assessing South Africa’s engagement with the International Court of Justice, Razak anticipates minimal long-term repercussions on investment. “Viewed within the context of South Africa’s alliances, particularly BRICS, the ICJ case underscores the nation’s quest for global recognition,” he explains. “Partnerships with Russia and China enhance South Africa’s geopolitical standing, facilitating access to new opportunities.”


Considering historical tensions between the US and Africa, Razak suggests muted repercussions from Western nations. “The strained US-Africa relationship historically dampens potential backlash, are likely already factored into investor calculations,” he highlights. “For America to foster stronger ties with Africa, it must address underlying issues impeding diplomatic rapport.”


Prospects for the 2024 Elections

Despite the ANC’s enduring dominance, Razak identifies a growing discontent among South Africans, fueled by economic stagnation and high unemployment rates. “While the ANC retains significant popularity, mounting frustration with its governance signals a shifting political landscape,” he observes. “The rising tide of dissent and opposition suggests an imminent reckoning for the ANC, albeit gradual.”


Speculating on potential election outcomes, Razak envisions the prospect of a coalition government as a transformative opportunity. “A coalition government promises a paradigm shift, injecting fresh perspectives and fostering healthy competition,” he asserts. “Competition incentivizes service delivery and innovation, essential for driving socioeconomic progress.”


Razak reflects on the aspirations of South Africa’s youth and their desire for substantive change. “The younger generation embodies a collective yearning for a brighter future. As South Africa stands at a crossroads, the promise of transformative governance offers hope for a more prosperous tomorrow. I think the South African people would love to see a change in the status quo. The current policies aren’t working. I genuinely think the younger generation will want to move soon, to build a better future for themselves moving forward,” he concludes.


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