Dubai Based Startup, 01Gov, The First Arab Platform for Government Innovation Raises Six-Figure Seed Round

Dubai Based Startup, 01Gov, The First Arab Platform for Government Innovation Raises Six-Figure Seed Round

Dubai-based startup 01Gov has raised six-figure seed investment. Dr.Saeed Khalfan Aldhaheri, an entrepreneur and innovation expert, is the angel investor in this round.

As a unique GovTech startup in the region, 01Gov strives to empower the public sector across the Arab world to be future-ready. The company has been incessantly offering a rich range of products and services, to inspire the public sector leaders and employees and provide them with the needed skills, attitudes, knowledge and tools to make the shift into the digital era and design the governments of the 21st century.

Being the first Arab platform for government innovation, 01Gov offers a daily updated open content in Arabic under the theme of “Government of the Future” within a variety of domains such as data, innovation culture, artificial intelligence, future foresight and storytelling to name a few. The portal’s visitor can access thousands of resources in the shape of case studies, video stories, white papers, online webinars and so on.

In one of its most recent innovations and as a response to the Covid-19 lockdown, 01Gov has designed and delivered the first virtual government innovation lab in the Middle East. A digital space in which government officials can remotely collaborate to innovate and experiment with new ideas and test new solutions to create greater public value.

This lab falls under Government Innovation as a Service (GIaaS). It was inspired by the fact that 01Gov itself is a virtual company by design, and its growing and creative team members, who are based in more than 10 Arab and international cities, have never operated from a single physical location.

“Only one Arab country has managed to secure a spot within the top 50 countries on the 2019 Global Innovation Index,” Elbadawi said. “While many Arab states have announced bold and futuristic national visions, turning those visions into reality requires a digital, agile, and innovative public sector that belongs to the 21 st century,” he added.

Commenting on 01Gov’s successful round of investment, Elbadawi asserted the company’s aim to accelerate its growth and further scaling its well tested hybrid business model which combines the power and scalability of the digital platform with the depth and warmth of the human face to face conversations that take place in training rooms and innovation labs.

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