Africa’s fastest growing broker – Blue Pips Capital

Africa’s fastest growing broker – Blue Pips Capital

Johannesburg, 02 September 2020: With thousands of businesses and individuals affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown measures, Blue Pips Capital (BPC) has introduced a platform for traders, by traders. The platform is designed to optimise returns and cultivate a more success-orientated trading environment.

Blue Pips Capital offers brokers an efficient and convenient space to easily manage client accounts, and brings traders a highly effective toolset. This includes free signals, free chart analysis and direct market access. Blue Pips Capital aims to bring faith back into the forex market in uncertain times, emphasising that with volatility comes opportunity.

“There’s no better time to trade than now”, says Matt Kriel, BPC’s COO. “We feel that it’s time to change the narrative in the trading arena. There is so much opportunity that is being missed in a time when incomes across the board need a boost. We hope to change negative perceptions people have about forex through direct market access and full transparency on our platform.”

Blue Pips Capital is driven by an A-Book ethos, providing “straight through”, direct market access and a secure back-end system that is more trader-orientated – with no chart manipulation, no commissions and no deposit fees.

Matt continues, “A volatile market can be played responsibly. And while risk can be high, returns can also skyrocket. We want to encourage traders to take control of their financial destinies and capitalise incrementally while they learn. In many cases, ‘trading courses’ are sold at exorbitant prices and would-be traders are not provided with proper practical training – and they’re left out of pocket.

“We don’t believe this is fair or constructive to the trader. We would rather that the trader gained profitable skills and made money. It simply makes better sense for our business.”

In a global economy that is universally in decline due to the current pandemic, generating extra income has become a priority for so many people. Even beginners who trade using the BPC platform are likely to find it user-friendly and conducive to making a profit. Blue Pips Capital promises to provide more than just a platform that allows brokers to manage their accounts effectively. It is also a fertile training and learning environment for beginners, with free one-on-one or video training for clients.

Blue Pips Capital uses the MetaTrader 4 and ProTrader platforms, both of which bring users easier accessibility, speedy execution and effective account management tools. These systems are widely acknowledged as some of the best in the business and have proved to increase traders’ chances of success on a large scale. Gaining access to your funds is also optimised, as cash withdrawals take 2-48 hours to process and Bitcoin takes 48 hours.

VIP options are available based on various tiers, including Introducing Broker (IB) and Multi Account Management options. Brokers can structure their own commissions on winning trades and ultimately maintain better control of their businesses when using the Blue Pips Capital platform.

Richard Green, CEO of Blue Pips Capital says, “As brokers, it is our job to make sure that our clients make money. This is our reason for being. Both the broker and the client can benefit from a platform that provides a profitable toolset and opportunities to learn from traders with years of experience.”

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About Blue Pips Capital

 Blue Pips Capital (BPC) is purely an A-Book Broker that offers direct market access and is developed by traders for traders. BPC uses the MetaTrader 4 and ProTrader platform that gives traders a great trading experience that offers 0% on commissions and deposits.

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