Tickeron Unveils AI-Powered Robots Leveraging Patterns in

Tickeron Unveils AI-Powered Robots Leveraging Patterns in

SUNNYVALE, Calif., Jan. 17, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Tickeron, a leading provider of AI-based stock trading tools, proudly announces the launch of a new line of user-friendly robots that leverage the latest developments in fundamental analysis. These innovative robots are designed to empower both hedge funds and retail investors, offering a unique blend of classical models and state-of-the-art analytical methods.

Key Features of Tickeron’s New Robot Line:
1. Long-Position Focus for Reduced Risk: Tickeron’s robots are specifically tailored to focus on opening long positions, making them ideal for traders averse to the risks associated with short positions. This approach, combined with the ability to manage IRA accounts independently, caters to both seasoned investors and novice traders alike. 
2. Synergy of Classical Models and Modern Analytical Methods: Tickeron’s robots combine the strengths of classical models pioneered by financial luminaries like B. Graham, J. Piotroski, E. Altman, and I. Wyatt, with proprietary algorithms. This unique blend is based on a multi-level testing system, examining extensive sets of company reporting data to identify the ideal balance for informed investment decisions.
3. Integrated Approach for Comprehensive Analysis: Tickeron’s robots employ an integrated approach to assess the financial condition of companies listed on US stock markets. Unlike single-model strategies, these algorithms utilize at least two distinct approaches, such as value, growth, efficiency, low beta, etc., ensuring a more objective evaluation. 
4. User-Friendly Trading Experience: The robots execute trades with a longer-term horizon, holding positions for durations ranging from a week to a month. Opening several hours after the market commences, these trades provide easily traceable signals, ensuring a hassle-free and efficient trading experience for users.
5. Diverse Stock Selection Opportunities: Tickeron’s new robot line offers a wide array of options for traders, analyzing stocks across the entirety of US stock markets. Additionally, there are robots dedicated to mid-cap and small-cap companies, providing investors with targeted opportunities that align with their specific preferences and risk profiles.

Sergey Savastiouk, Ph.D., CEO, and Founder of Tickeron, emphasized the power of fundamental analysis, stating, “Fundamental analysis is a powerful tool that allows a trader to choose the right stocks to trade without fear of sudden shocks and unforeseen corporate events. With our new line of robots, we are opening its capabilities to the widest possible range of traders and investors, helping them improve the efficiency of their trading.”

About Tickeron

Tickeron offers traders and investors a comprehensive set of AI-powered tools focused on enhancing the trading experience for both beginners and seasoned professionals. Recently, Tickeron has released a wide range of products aimed at the widest possible range of traders and investors:
– A set of easy to follow robots for beginners.
– Pool of robots for trading mid-cap stocks.
– A unique feature that allows users to monitor pending orders of robots in real time.
– Second generation of AI robots (Virtual Accounts) with an advanced risk management system.


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