Revolutionary Financial Health-Based AI Trading Bots for

Revolutionary Financial Health-Based AI Trading Bots for

SUNNYVALE, Calif., June 25, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Tickeron, Inc., a leader in AI-driven stock trading bots, introduces a new line of advanced trading robots. These robots utilize Tickeron’s proprietary Financial Learning Models (FLMs) alongside cutting-edge fundamental analysis. These innovative robots are designed to empower both hedge funds and retail investors, offering a unique blend of classical models and state-of-the-art quant analytics.

Key Features of Tickeron’s New Robot Line:

At the core of Tickeron’s new robots are two standout models: the Integrating Credit Stability and Growth Objectives. Both are meticulously designed to cater to traders who appreciate the robustness of value investing while navigating the complexities of the modern financial markets.

The process starts with Initial proprietary filtering, where stocks are screened based on fundamental criteria to create a shortlist. FLMs then enhance these robots by analyzing extensive historical financial data and current market conditions, offering accurate stock performance predictions. The robots’ continuous learning ability ensures they provide up-to-date insights, giving users a strategic edge in their trading decisions.

1. Intrinsic Value Calculation: Central to these robots is the ability to calculate the intrinsic value of stocks, a cornerstone of value investing. This involves a rigorous analysis of book value and earnings metrics to identify stocks that are trading below their inherent worth. The goal is to find opportunities where the market price does not fully reflect the stock’s true value, offering traders a margin of safety and potential for significant returns.

2. Financial Health Assessment: To ensure the financial robustness of selected stocks, the robots employ a detailed assessment of each company’s financial health. They screen for indicators such as substantial revenue streams, consistent positive earnings, and overall financial stability. This process ensures that only companies with solid financial foundations are considered, aligning with the principles of sustainable growth and value investing.

3. Valuation Metrics: A critical aspect of the strategy involves targeting stocks with favorable price-to-book ratios and strong future return potentials. This selection process helps identify undervalued investments that not only offer a discount relative to their intrinsic value but also exhibit promising growth trajectories.

4. Exclusion of High-Risk Stocks: In keeping with a focus on quality and risk mitigation, Tickeron’s robots deliberately exclude penny stocks and over-the-counter (OTC) stocks from their selection processes. This exclusion helps minimize exposure to highly volatile and potentially unreliable investment opportunities, ensuring a higher standard of reliability in the trading portfolio.

Sergey Savastiouk, Ph.D., CEO of Tickeron, highlighted the importance of fundamental analysis in stock trading. He said, “Fundamental analysis helps traders select stocks confidently, minimizing unexpected market impacts. Financial Learning Models (FLMs) are also crucial, using machine learning to uncover patterns in financial data. By integrating FLMs with fundamental analysis, Tickeron’s platform provides a comprehensive toolset for both new and experienced investors as well as hedge funds to achieve their financial goals with precision.”

About Tickeron
Tickeron provides AI-powered tools to support traders at all experience levels. A notable addition is the Financial Learning Models (FLMs), which leverages machine learning to enhance financial education and decision-making. FLMs offer in-depth insights into market trends, trading strategies, and investment options, tailoring content to individual learning styles and knowledge levels. It uses real-time data and predictive analytics to model market scenarios, aiding users in understanding financial markets and improving their trading decisions. 

Recently, Tickeron has released a wide range of products aimed at the widest possible range of traders and investors:

– A set of easy to follow robots for beginners.

– A unique feature that allows users to monitor pending orders of robots in real time.

– Second generation of AI robots (Virtual Accounts) with an advanced risk management system.


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