Local AgriTech enables commercial kitchen participation in SA’s green economy

Local AgriTech enables commercial kitchen participation in SA’s green economy
Local AgriTech enables commercial kitchen participation in SA’s green economy

Gathered at an intimate event in the new and improved Homefarm studio in Midrand Gauteng recently, representatives of prominent tourism brands got their first inside look at the indoor farming systems that are changing the industry for good.

Homefarm’s proprietary indoor food farms have seen a rise in demand across the globe in recent years, with its commercial offering taking the hospitality industry by storm.

Enabling commercial kitchens, particularly those in remotely located safari lodges and resorts, to grow premium quality leafy green produce on-site, Homefarm is helping reduce cold storage dependency, energy and water consumption respective to yield as well as solving critical supply chain challenges, such as consistent access to premium quality ingredients.

In the context of South Africa’s travel and tourism industry, particularly the food and beverage sector, this means reduced operating costs, supply chain bottlenecks and carbon footprint. It’s the perfect complement for lodge brands and restaurants subscribing to the growing ecotourism movement.

Tangible progress is within reach
“The system seems great and useful, especially for anyone wanting fresh microgreens in a more remote area. The ability to serve directly from ‘farm’ to our guests, and cutting out all the logistical concerns, is a huge bonus.” — Jaryd Povall, Dulini (Luxury Safari Reserve & Lodges)

The effort to combat climate change must be a collective one, with contributions from every person on the planet. Businesses are being met with ever-changing regulations in addition to customer expectations aligning with environmentally conscious practices.

Thanks to Homefarm, commercial kitchens are now able to participate in the green economy unlike ever before.

Commercial kitchen operators and hospitality brands wanting to learn more about Homefarm or stand a chance of winning a Small Commercial System on site for three months can visit https://www.myhomefarm.io.

Win a Homefarm
Business Competition for Commercial Kitchens, including Safari Lodges, Restaurants and Hotels
Competition runs: 8 June – 7 July 2023
Prize details: Small Homefarm Commercial System on site for three months + consumables, all valued at over R25 000
To enter visit https://www.myhomefarm.io/win-homefarm-commercial/

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