Latest innovations in grinding technology

Latest innovations in grinding technology
Alec Audie, Area Sales Manager at Bühler Johannesburg

Continuous investment in grinding technology and customer collaboration by Bühler revolutionises the animal feed industry by providing higher throughput, energy efficiency and consistent quality.

With SA Grain’s NAMPO Harvest Day 2024 set to take place from 14 to 17 May at Bothaville in the Free State, Bühler is highlighting essential equipment for feed manufacturers to optimise their production processes. Enhancing its credibility, the company is a member of the Animal Feed Manufacturers’ Association of South Africa (AFMA).

“In addition to exceptional efficiency and ease of maintenance, our Granulex® 5 Series is characterised by its high throughputs. Distinguished by flexibility, each hammer mill is specifically configured according to its field of application,” explains Alec Audie, Area Sales Manager at Bühler Johannesburg.

Customer benefits include lower energy consumption (>10% reduction in energy per ton of ground material), increased performance (>10% capacity increase due to optimised modules), and ease of use (50% reduction in changeover speed, an industry best.)

“The Granulex® 5 Series hammer mill enables a giant leap forward in production rates, energy efficiency, an optimal granulation profile and easier maintenance and operations across a range of industries,” says Audie.

It is used mainly for demanding requirements in stringent industries such as animal feed, which requires grinding of raw materials from very coarse to fine grinding. The feeder is mounted on top of the hammer mill to obtain continuous and even feeding of the raw material into the grinding chamber.

The integrated separator and magnet removes impurities such as stones and metal parts. The mill offers excellent access for screen and hammer exchanges through two large sliding doors. For added safety, the doors are interlocked with the rotor, meaning the mill cannot be started as long as the doors are opened.

Bühler also offers technology for smart pelleting process control. PelletingPro increases yield by up to 1% by controlling the final pellet moisture level. Specific mechanical energy consumption can be reduced significantly with higher throughputs at the same motor rating. Enabling stable production conditions at constant moisture levels allows for a 20% throughput increase.

Pellet moisture is continuously optimised independently of any seasonal effects. The Multi NIR Inline System measures and ensures a constant moisture level in the batch mixer. The final moisture level of the pellet once it leaves the cooler is automatically controlled by up to +-0.5%. This leads to a yield increase of up to 1% and ensures constant product quality.

PelletingPro includes a smart algorithm to continuously optimise pellet moisture independently of any seasonal or weather effects. The Pelleting Essential dashboard on Bühler Insights is an integral part of the service and its purpose is to continuously track performance.

Bühler creates value for customers, employees, bondholders, business partners and owners by unlocking sustainable business opportunities in the global feed industry. It seeks to balance humanity, nature and economy in every decision, translating into positive outcomes for wider society and the environment.

Bühler explores innovative solutions to contribute positively to the environment. For example, the company is investigating using insects to produce animal feed, which has the potential to save land and impact biodiversity. In addition, Bühler quantifies high-impact solutions and services that enhance circularity, aiming to extend the lifespan of products.

The granulex 5 series hammer mill from Bühler
The granulex 5 series hammer mill from Bühler