INTRODUCING DEL MAR – Redefining Growth with Water Soluble Seaweed Extract Powder for Healthier Crops

INTRODUCING DEL MAR – Redefining Growth with Water Soluble Seaweed Extract Powder for Healthier Crops
INTRODUCING DEL MAR - Redefining Growth with Water Soluble Seaweed Extract Powder for Healthier Crops

Bontera has announced the launch of Bontera Del Mar! For all crops. From soybeans to citrus, macadamias, vegetables and more. This organically derived seaweed extract is more than just a plant growth stimulant- it’s a powerhouse of natural goodness formulated to unlock a crops full potential.

Packed with Benefits

• Essential Nutrients: Del Mar provides a comprehensive suite of natural amino-acid chelated nutrients, all readily available for your plants.
• Enhanced Growth: Del Mar’s unique blend of polysaccharides and bioactive peptides stimulates cell division and microbial activity, leading to stronger, healthier plants.
• Safe & Effective: Del Mar is suitable for use throughout all growth stages, ensuring a consistent and long-lasting benefit.

Unique delivery

Del Mar comes in a convenient and easy-to-handle water soluble powder unlike many liquid seaweed extracts. This translates to lower transportation costs and simpler storage. Del Mar goes beyond seaweed by including amino-acid-chelated micronutrients, ensuring plants can readily access these vital elements.

Sustainable Solution

Del Mar is an innovative product that offers a natural alternative to chemical fertilisers and growth stimulants. It can also help reduce reliance on chemical inputs by promoting stronger plant growth, making it a win-win for crops and the environment.

With Bontera Del Mar say goodbye to conventional limitations and embrace a future where crops thrive beyond expectation. This isn’t just about growth; it’s about empowerment. Del Mar isn’t merely a product; it’s a promise—a commitment to unlocking nature’s potential while safeguarding the integrity of our land and increasing crop yield and profitability.


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About Bontera:

At Bontera we care deeply about helping growers produce the crops needed to feed the world’s ever-increasing population and about protecting our natural resources. These two strands are woven together in our commitment to developing safe, effective solutions for sustainable agriculture.

Our mission is to transform agriculture on a global scale through scientific knowledge and innovation. We focus on delivering unique, natural products that improve crop yield and quality while protecting our soil and water from the harmful effects of traditional chemical-based agriculture. Our vision is to eliminate the need for harmful chemicals, reduce water consumption, to improve soil fertility, and ultimately the quality of our food supply.

Our state-of-the-art products are based on naturally occurring soil microbes selected for their superior performance and functionality. These specialized microbes are the catalysts for achieving optimal soil fertility and increased crop yields. We are passionate about protecting our environment, and our products are 100 percent organically derived – free of GMOs and the chemicals that threaten the quality of our soil, water and food.