Environmental stories from around the web, June 1, 2018

  • There are many important conservation and environmental stories Mongabay isn’t able to cover.
  • Here’s a digest of some of the significant developments from the week.
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Here are a few stories published this week by other news outlets.

Tropical forests

A new study examines the challenges in producing “deforestation-free” palm oil (Imperial College London/EurekAlert).

An effort aims to create 100 elephant corridors across India (The Hindu).

A scientist explains the underpinnings of REDD+, a strategy to halt deforestation and provide funding to develop the economies of forested countries (CIFOR Forests News).

The pitfalls of deforestation-free commodities (CIFOR Forests News).

Video: Watch one of the world’s largest birds leap for food in the rainforest (UNSW Sydney).

Carrefour, a French retail giant, plans to invest in “sustainable” beef production in Brazil (IEG Policy).

If we can limit climate change, we also might be able to lower the incidence of dengue fever (University of East Anglia/Phys.Org).

Food giants’ practices could thwart climate goals (The Guardian).

Scientists find evidence of a new but extinct species of chimpanzee by probing bonobo DNA (New Scientist).

Companies are searching for oil in the remote rainforest of the DRC (The Times of London).

Other news

New Scientist lists 11 “unmissable” natural wonders (New Scientist).

Concerns arise again that Japan is whaling commercially, after 333 whales, including 122 that were pregnant, were killed for “scientific research” (The New York Times).

California is trying to bring grizzly bears back to the state (Pacific Standard).

Rampant small-scale hydropower could be endangering China’s Yangtze River (Reuters).

A study validates concerns that climate change will pose significant problems for the poor (University of Melbourne/Phys.Org).

Scientists attempt to measure happiness in captive dolphins (BBC News).

In a smuggling bust, authorities find whale shark fins on the way to Hong Kong (Reuters).

The EU is being sued by 10 families who say it’s not doing enough to combat climate change (Pacific Standard).

Rogue weather patterns are vexing the already troubled Horn of Africa (Devex).

Women in Senegal are struggling due to climate change (Pacific Standard).

A satirical living will to guide the conservation of critically endangered species (The Revelator).

A phosphate mine on Christmas Island will not happen, benefiting the Abbott’s booby, an endangered seabird that lives there (The Guardian).

Researchers use robots to safely investigate the Arabian Sea and its pirates (News Deeply).

Rangers kill several suspected poachers and wound two others in Mount Elgon National Park in Kenya (Reuters).

Mass die-offs are a part of life for the Great Barrier Reef, research shows (Science Magazine).

Investments in coal are creeping back up (The New York Times).

Banner image of elephants in India via Wikimedia Commons (CC BY 2.0).

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