Why More South Africans Are Looking to Immigrate to Canada During Coronavirus

The Coronavirus Pandemic has had a devastating effect on the world economy, and it is nothing close to what any country prepared for.

So far, we have witnessed how business owners had to re-invent themselves and how others closed down due to the economic crises. And this is one out of other sectors that were shaken up by the pandemic.

The human race is still adjusting to the new norm of life and work: and while it seems very challenging for those in developing countries, especially in Africa, many, for instance, are exploring the option of immigrating from South Africa to Canada.

The Covid-19 pandemic, which originated in the city of Wuhan, China, is caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome. And it is one: from which the world is still recovering.

Corona virus Effect In South Africa

African countries like South Africa have had a difficult time adjusting to the challenges posed by the Coronavirus, despite having its first case of Covid-19 in the early week of March 2020. Hence, it is no surprise that some of the citizens are migrating to a country like Canada, where the standard of living is far more bearable. The virtual lines at the Canadian visa office in Pretoria have never been longer.

Despite the progress in the field of industry and manufacturing, South Africa is a developing country and; still has a high rate of poverty.

Since the Covid-19 meant that people had to abide by the stay-at-home policy, It led to the loss of job and income-earning opportunities in the country.

The unhygienic environment in some of the communities, coupled with the scarce supply of water: ended up adding to the spread of other diseases alongside the Coronavirus.

Every sector felt the cold grips of the pandemic. Similarly, unclean water and poor sanitation facilities in the country further exposed the need to strengthen the health sector.

Since the people of South Africa are not new to migrating to other countries, the depreciating effects of the pandemic only helped to strengthen the resolve of those who already saw reasons to migrate.

Effects of Coronavirus in Canada

Canada has the 11th-largest world economy, and as a developed country, the effect of the pandemic could be better-managed compared to other developing countries. In Canada, for instance, the health care system is a lot more favourable, and they stand a better chance of preserving more lives.

Because of the low birth rate in the country, immigrants are welcome, as they contribute to the growth of the Canadian economy.

During the heat of the pandemic, international trips were on hold, and Canada had its fair share of Job losses, Covid-19 cases, and so on.
However, in response, the federal and provincial government extended their support to individuals and organizations in a bid to alleviate their financial burdens.

Here Are Top 5 Reasons Why South Africans Migrate To Canada

1. Access to Quality Education

Canada has highly-ranked universities and, notable public school system. Hence, one of the reasons why South Africans migrate to Canada is so that they can have access to quality education beyond what is available in their country. Canada is one of the best places in the world to study, and South African immigrants know this very well.

2. An Advancing Economy

The rate of unemployment in South Africa is alarming. And with the further loss of jobs caused by the Corona virus Pandemic, it seemed like the perfect time to move to a country that has a stable and thriving economy.

Also, because of the nature of the economy in Canada, there are lots of opportunities available for immigrants, and it’s far more supportive than the economy in South Africa.

3. Better Health Care

In Canada, the health care system is structured: to provide prompt emergency services and proper health care to the residents. Because South Africa is a developing country, its healthcare system is no match for the Canadian health care system.

Hence when you want reliable medical care for yourself and your loved ones, you can better understand why more South Africans are migrating.

4. You Do Not Need To Be Left Behind

Due to the low birth rate in Canada, the country is open to immigrants and has a goal of welcoming 1.3 million immigrants by 2021.

Hence, the process of applying for a permanent residency in Canada is very straightforward. If you have had a hard time getting into other countries, maybe it’s time to try out a country that needs you.

Canada is open to citizens from South Africa, and if you are eager to leave your country for a more supportive economy in Canada, then you can take the known steps to find your way in.

5. Join the Community of South Africans in Canada

There are lots of South Africans in Canada, and you can always join the thriving community of your countrymen. It’s another way to feel at home, away from home.


As long as more people desire a better living condition, they will always see the need to migrate.

South Africa is a great but developing country; hence it is easy to understand why more of the citizens will relocate to a country like Canada that has better living conditions and better infrastructures.

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