Investec Tipping Point: Lincoln Mali

Before Lincoln Mali was old enough to be a very angry young man, he had experienced what he thought was a normal, happy childhood in the Kwazakhele township of Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

However, by the time that he was 18 and able to fully comprehend what was happening in apartheid South Africa, he had become a full-blooded activist – expelled from school, in and out of jail, and trying to leave the country of his birth.

He was a fully-fledged member of that group of angry young people referred to in this country as ‘the marginalised youth’ and ‘the lost generation’, who were determined to bring the apartheid system down by making the country ungovernable.

That was when the first tipping point in Mali’s life occurred.

His father sat him down and, instead of being confrontational, simply asked him to consider whether there might be another way to achieve his goals and live his principles. He remembers his father’s words to this day: “If you believe in these principles, is there not another way for you to achieve your goal, to fight differently…through changing yourself, getting educated, becoming more socialised, relating to people differently and leading differently…?”

That was just the beginning of his remarkable journey.

Today Mali is a respected social and business leader on this continent, an awarded academic and Standard Bank’s head of personal and business banking in West Africa. In this 11-minute video he candidly shares not only the lessons he has learnt, but also the second big tipping point in his life, which occurred during a lecture at the prestigious Harvard University….

Tipping Point is an inspiring, informative video series featuring SA’s top achievers sharing pivotal points in their lives and careers.

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