Economic indicators for 12 October 2017 (07:00)

Economic indicators for 26 October 2017 (07:00)
Economic indicators

Below are the economic indicators for 12 October 2017 as at 07:00

(Values in parentheses indicates previous closing values.)

Rand / US Dollar R13.50 (R13.67)

Rand / Euro R16.03 (R16.15)

Rand / British Pound R17.90 (R18.04)

Brent Crude Price per Barrel $ 56.94 ($ 56.61)

Gold per fine-ounce $ 1 296 ($ 1 288)

Platinum $ 932 ($ 929)

Fuel price from 4 October 2017

Petrol 95 per liter R14.01, (R13.72)

Petrol 93 per liter R13.74, (R13.49)

Diesel .05 per liter R12.12, (R11.70)

Diesel .01 per liter R12.18, (R11.76)

Interest rate and CPI

Primary rate 10.25% (21 July 2017)

Repo rate 6.75%

Inflation (CPI) 5:34% (May); 5.25 (April); 6.13% (March)

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