How to Purchase Crypto as a Newcomer Without Any Technical Knowledge? Millionero Can Help!

How to Purchase Crypto as a Newcomer Without Any Technical Knowledge? Millionero Can Help!
Millionero crypto exchange

Are you someone who wants to start crypto trading like a pro right off the bat, but have no technical knowledge of how to buy crypto to fund your wallet? While there’s no tool in the world that can make you a pro right away, Millionero is a recently launched crypto exchange that can help you buy your first crypto smoothly- that too with a wide range of payment options!

In this post, we explore the many ways Millionero allows you to buy crypto. As a little bonus, we will also learn how to deposit crypto funds to your Millionero wallet from other crypto wallets.

How Does Millionero Help You Purchase Crypto as a Newcomer Without Any Technical Knowledge?

Millionero, despite being a newer exchange, is already known for being incredibly beginner-friendly and accessible. What are the many ways Millionero allows you to buy crypto? Let’s find out!

  • How to Buy Crypto on Millionero?

How to Buy Crypto on Millionero?
How to Buy Crypto on Millionero?

The several different ways to buy your first crypto on Millionero include:

  • Through Coinify: Coinify allows for a bank transfer of your fiat funds, which you can use to buy your first crypto. Before you make your first crypto purchase through Coinify, however, you would have to fill in the form shown in the image below.

If you are from Europe, Coinify can be the best possible option to purchase crypto for you, as you can deposit your fiat money through SEPA transfers with ease! Further, the platform brings a super fast KYC process to avoid any delays, and the transaction fees charged can be quite low even on higher amounts!

  • Coinify

    Through Banxa: Another method to aid you to buy your first crypto through bank transfers, Millionero would redirect you to the Banxa website to complete your purchase. You are once again provided the option to buy crypto through SEPA and have it deposited directly to your Millionero wallet address.

The most suggested options when you utilize Banxa are through SEPA and credit/debit cards for deposits. What’s more, with Banxa, you don’t have to repeat KYC, as Millionero shares its own KYC data with the platform to make the purchasing experience as smooth as possible for you!

  • Banxa

    Through Simplex: This method would allow you to purchase crypto to your Millionero wallet through debit or credit card payments in particular. If you are in a hurry to buy some crypto, Simplex is just the platform for your job, as it deposits crypto to your wallet immediately after the purchase!

  • Simplex

    Through Transak: Transak once again allows you to make a bank transfer to purchase your first crypto on Millionero, through a pop-up you should see on your screen after choosing this option. The choices you get to buy crypto to your wallet include SEPA, VISA cards, Apple Pay, and GPay.


Along with a wide range of options to help you buy crypto, Millionero also allows you to deposit your previously bought crypto from another wallet to your Millionero wallet. With ease. How is this done? Through crypto networks, of course!

  • How Can You Deposit Crypto on Millionero?

How Can You Deposit Crypto on Millionero?
How Can You Deposit Crypto on Millionero?

You can deposit crypto to your Millionero wallet from another wallet through a crypto network. For example, if you are depositing USDT to your Millionero wallet, it will be done through the Ethereum ERC-20 network. Your other wallet now must use this very same network to send your USDT funds to your Millionero wallet.

Once you have selected the crypto you want to deposit, you would have to copy your wallet’s address given in the very last row of the image shown above (or make use of the QR code shown once you click the right icon) and paste in your other wallet’s ‘send’ screen. Once you have initiated the transaction for the crypto deposit, simply sit back and relax as the funds reach your Millionero wallet for further trading purposes.

All the aforementioned payment methods on Millionero help you purchase crypto as a newcomer to the crypto trading space, without any prior technical knowledge whatsoever. Especially with payment methods like Apple Pay and GPay, Millionero has made crypto purchases more accessible than ever and lowered entry barriers into the crypto space. Sounds too good to be true? With Millionero, it is the reality!

Further, the withdrawal of your crypto is just as easy with Millionero! With an array of options again, Millionero allows you to transform your crypto into fiat money when you make a withdrawal from one of your wallets. To add to the perks of Millionero, you even have the choice to withdraw your crypto directly in BTC, ETH, USDT, and more!

Sign up on Millionero today to buy your first crypto! You can also connect with the exchange for help and queries on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn!