Cryptocurrencies trading without commissions and KYC? It has become a reality with Sigen.Pro

Sigen.Pro has created the ecosystem that unites the cryptocurrency exchange, P2P platform, automated exchanger and multicurrency wallet.
Sigen.Pro has created the ecosystem that unites the cryptocurrency exchange, P2P platform, automated exchanger and multicurrency wallet.

Crypto trading remains one of the most popular and profitable ways of earning money on cryptocurrencies. That is why sooner or later, all digital coins’ holders try their hands in cryptocurrencies trading. At first, most often, they choose the most hyped and prominent exchanges without going into details on terms. Big mistake! If we calculate all expenses – on trading fees, depositing and withdrawing assets and other hidden costs – on average, a trader loses 15-30% of the profits. To avoid such expenses and make crypto trading really effective and profitable, Sigen.Pro has created the ecosystem that unites the cryptocurrency exchange, P2P platform, automated exchanger and multicurrency wallet. Let’s dive into the benefits of each of them.

What is Sigen.Pro

Sigen.Pro is a cutting-edge cryptocurrency platform officially registered in Belize. Its ecosystem includes the above-mentioned services for effective and convenient trading. The platform was created as early as 2015 as a P2P platform that helped to conduct selling and buying deals directly among two participants. The Sigen.Pro founders dedicated a lot of time to choose the name that would flesh out the incorporated meaning. As a result, they have chosen the name Sigen.Pro that comes from uniting the first three letters of SIGma (Σ) – the Latin symbol for moving forwards – and the first two letters of the word Energy – the energy to move forward.

The developers mainly aspired to create a trading platform “for people” where any person, regardless of experience in trading, knowledge of crypto, could easily, simply and profitably trade digital coins.

As early as 2018, Sigen.Pro launched their own trading exchange where there was no mandatory KYC (know-your-customer) procedure and all users could trade crypto coins without fees and internal charges. Later, the ecosystem started to actively support staking by setting the preferences for listing the coins where the smart contracts include the staking function.

Many users that stumble upon the platform without fees and commissions, at first wonder, how can such an exchange operate for a profit if the fees are the bread and water of any such business. Well, it happens, it is not always so! Let’s explore how that could be!

Mining instead of fee and no KYC

At this moment, the cryptocurrency exchange Sigen.Pro indeed charges no fees on all trading or exchange operations, or transactions via P2P platform, or deposits & withdrawals of coins on the crypto wallets. In other words, the Sigen.Pro has no fees on all operations for which other exchanges find it mandatory to introduce a commission. gets its profits on mining coins that are based on the Proof-of-Stake (PoS) algorithm. In fact, the platform receives its share of the staking pie and redirects it to cover main operational expenses. This is exactly the rationale behind the fact that almost all coins supported on the platform can be staked. These are coins like UMI, FreeTON etc.

As for the KYC procedure, it is not necessary to pass it as Sigen.Pro does not support fiat currencies on its exchange and in principle has no fiat accounts for storing the users’ funds. Nevertheless, the platform’s founders still recommend passing KYC to have access to trading pairs with stablecoins, like UMI/USDT.

Review on services and ecosystem functionality

One of the main advantages of ecosystem services is that they are easy to use and transparent. Let’s explore each of them.

Multicurrency wallet Sigen.Pro is an up-to-date, convenient, and most importantly, secure tool for storing cryptocurrencies. The wallet is inherently custodial, which means that the platform stores private keys and assumes full responsibility for data security. Interestingly, a lot of centralized exchanges from the Top-50 use such wallets for storing the assets.

It is worth mentioning that the majority of cryptocurrencies are stored in cold wallets of the platform that shields assets from remote hackers’ attacks.

The multicurrency wallet Sigen.Pro supports 8 cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin, ETH tokens and other cryptocurrencies.

It is also important to add that transferring cryptocurrencies from the wallet to any other address assumes no fees from the platform side. There is only the need to pay for the gas on the blockchain. Gas payments are mandatory for all users, regardless of the platform.

Multicurrency wallet Sigen.Pro

Cryptocurrency exchange is an online platform for crypto trading with a user-friendly and convenient interface that suits the needs of both novices and professional traders.

Cryptocurrency exchange

At the top of the trading terminal, there is a dynamic graph of the trading pair of choice that helps traders to monitor price movements for certain time periods. More advanced users might also enjoy using such analytical instruments as the Elliot waves analysis or Fibonacci network. Also here one might find a list of supported trading pairs.

On the sides, left and right, there are orders. On the left, there are buy orders, on the right – sell orders.

In between, there is a form for creating a buy or sell order for a specified coin. Users can choose from 2 types of orders: market orders that allow buying and selling for the price set by the market at the time of the transaction and limit orders that define the desired price levels prior to transacting regardless of the market volatility.

P2P platform is an instrument for conducting buying and selling transactions between two users. In this case, the platform has no access to users’ funds and serves as a middleman during the transaction. The main benefit of such a service is the ease of the process of buying or selling cryptocurrencies for fiat. Moreover, users can define the fiat currency of their choice and pay for the acquired cryptocurrencies with the transfer to the bank card or account.

P2P platform

The transactions on the P2P platform starts with the choice or creation of the offer. If you would like to buy crypto, you need to push the button “create a buy offer” on the top corner of the terminal and fill in the form accordingly. If you would like to sell, the red button “create a sell offer” is for you where you will find the corresponding form.

On the P2P platform, all transactions are conducted directly among two users. It means that the Sigen.Pro, in this case, is just a middleman that guarantees the safety of the deal by using the ESCROW accounts system that works in accordance with the below-mentioned sequence:

  • The seller and the buyer agree to proceed;
  • The sum on the seller’s wallet is frozen till the buyer confirms the receipt of the funds;
  • The buyer transfers the funds to the seller’s account and waits for the confirmation;
  • As soon as the money touches the seller’s account, the cryptocurrencies that were frozen on the seller’s account are being transferred to the buyer, only after that, the transaction is believed to be conducted.

This mechanism saves both parties from fraud and makes it easy and safe to use the platform.

The exchanger is the easiest and fastest way to exchange one cryptocurrency for the other. The self-explanatory user interface will help to conduct deals even if you have never used cryptocurrencies before. The procedure is very clear:

  1. Choose the terms;
  2. Fill in the details that are necessary for exchange;
  3. The transacted amount will be sent to your address.

The Sigen.Pro exchanger uses market order for exchanging the cryptocurrencies. In reality, it works in the following way:

  • You would like to buy UMİ for bitcoin;
  • You fill in the address, sum, and email;
  • The Sigen.Pro exchanger gives you UMI for the provided bitcoins.

The exchanger

Cryptocurrencies mining and staking

As mentioned above, the main source of the exchange’s income is the cryptocurrencies mining that covers the operational expenses of the platforms and makes it possible to offer a free of charge service. For that, Sigen.Pro partnered with different mining pools and mine coins with the PoS algorithm.

In the meantime, the ecosystem also provides the users with an opportunity to join the staking programs and get passive income from owning cryptocurrencies. It works in the following way: a user blocks a chosen amount of his wallet and gets rewards for holding it. In other words, users can also profit from participating in the staking program.

Safety first

Besides wide functionality and a variety of features, developers also put much consideration into safety issues and data security.

Like many other centralized crypto exchanges, Sigen.Pro uses several tools as shields from the remote hackers’ attacks on assets or users’ data. Here are some of them:

  • Two-factor authentication assumes using a specially generated code for each login. Without a username, password, and authentication code, it is impossible to enter the account;
  • The usage of the special Code table for two-factor authentication allows choosing complicated codes not to allow unauthorized access to the users’ account;
  • Setting the list of authorized devices allows users to limit the devices that can have access to the account.

Also, at each entrance, the users are asked to enter the verification code from the email. It serves as an additional shield against unauthorized access.

Sigen.Pro uses several tools as shields from the remote hackers

In this way, the platform safeguards the users data from leakages or remote hackers attacks.

Reviews on

The company pays a lot of attention to its reputation and actively monitors the users’ feedback. At the moment, most of the reviews are positive and the mobile app has a high rating on AppStore.


It will be fair to add that there are also negative reviews but they are few. Most of them are connected to the fact that there are only a few trading pairs available. At this moment, the exchange’s team is working on broadening the list of trading pairs available with the priorities set on the coins with incorporated staking.


The ecosystem offers a wide range of simple, convenient and coherent services for exchanging, buying and selling cryptocurrencies. In its aspiration to offer the best terms, the platform eliminated all types of fees. As a result, it makes cryptocurrency trading indeed profitable and effective.